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  • birthmother Shatell

    After I had the baby, I cried hard at first, but when I got to see the adoptive parents interact with the baby, I knew that was where he was supposed to be.

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  • birthmother Cassie

    I knew this child deserved more than I could give her, so in some ways, it was an easy decision.

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  • birthmother Stacey

    I didn’t give up my baby because I didn’t want him, I wanted to make sure he was safe and had a loving family.

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  • birthmother Cassandra

    The ultimate decision is yours, although it may seem hard, it’s for the better. I had to rely on my own strength to go forward and do the adoption, and you can do it too.

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  • birthmother Airyal

    No one says it won't be scary or emotional, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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  • birthmother Brittany

    Don't ever think that by choosing adoption you don't love your baby, because I love my son more than life itself…

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  • birthmother Jane

    I was going back to school so I could make a better life for us. I knew I couldn't take care of another baby at the time.

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  • birthmother Sally

    I fell in love with the couple that I picked the first time I met them.

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  • birthmother Karle

    Placing my baby up for adoption wasn't a black and white decision. At first, I had so so so many doubts and concerns about it…

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  • birthmother Heather

    Nothing in life is certain, but wanting your child to have more than you can offer is the biggest act of love any human could do.

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  • birthmother Ashley

    I think adoption is a great choice. You can bless a family who are unable to have kids. Sometimes you have to think what is best for your baby.

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  • birthmother Susan

    Love is a powerful thing and I am thankful to Angel Adoption that they led me to the family I chose. No one is ever alone, and there's never just one option.

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  • birthmother Brooke

    I chose adoption for a better life for my daughter and my birth son.

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  • birthmother Ravyn

    It's truly going to be ok in the end. Ask any questions you have and don't second guess yourself. Your heart knows what's best.

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  • birthmother Caitlin

    After the whole adoption was finished, I was very proud of myself for making that decision because I was so young. I definitely don't regret my choice.

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  • birthmother Mayra

    I was sad and concerned at first, then I started talking to the adoptive family, got to know them, and they got to know us. We got really close.

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  • birthmother Renata

    Once I had him and I heard that cry, I wept with happiness. He was so beautiful. I am now at peace with my decision and overjoyed for my extended family.

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  • birthmother Tristen

    I was looking for someone who would love my son unconditionally and give him the best life in the world and I think I made a great decision.

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  • birthmother Ocean

    I am so incredibly thankful to Angel Adoption for helping me find the PERFECT family for my daughter.

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