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How it All Began...

I felt that adoption was the best option for myself, the father, and of course, the child.

How did Angel Adoption help you choose adoption?

Angel Adoption and Ms. Samantha were a Godsend. They talked to me day or night, and sent stories of other birthmothers from all walks of life. It made it easier.

What were your concerns going into the adoption process?

My only concern was making sure I didn't have a closed adoption and how it would affect my child.

What helped ease your concerns while going through the adoption process?

Speaking to Ms. Samantha and a few nurses who had been through adoption helped.

How did Angel Adoption help you through the adoption process?

They held my hand from start to finish. I felt at ease.

What were you looking for in an adoptive family, and what made you choose the family you did?

I was looking for a family who would be able to support my child in every area of life. The family I chose was my first choice. I read their story and cried. I prayed for them and made my decision the same week.

How did your baby's adoptive family help you through the adoption process?

They were in my corner the entire time. When Samantha asked whether they could email me, I quickly said yes. As soon as they reached out, I left my phone number and we've been talking ever since. We're family now.

What type of adoption did you choose, and why?

We chose semi-open to keep me in constant contact with the family and my child.

Describe your thoughts and emotions before and after the baby's birth.

I was an emotional wreck making the initial decision to choose adoption, but I knew it had to be done. I went to my appointment for a check up and wound up having surgery due to chronic hypertension. I called the family and they drove right up to meet me. Once I had him and I heard that cry, I wept with happiness. He was so beautiful. I am now at peace with my decision and overjoyed for my extended family.

What are you looking forward to now that the adoption process is completed?

I'm looking forward to watching him grow into a fine young man and spending quality time with him.

What advice would you give to other pregnant women who are considering adoption?

Go into an adoption process with an open mind, open spirit, and open heart. You don't know how this journey will make you stronger, wiser, and better. It won't be easy, but do this process from a good place in your heart. Finally, keep praying for you, your child, and their new family.