LGBT Couple holding adopted baby

At Angel Adoption, we embrace and respect each hopeful adoptive family’s individuality, beliefs, religion, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, gender identity, and sexual orientation. In that spirit, we are proud to fully support gay and lesbian adoption and LGBT adoption!

What is gay and lesbian adoption, or LGBT adoption?

Gay and lesbian adoption refers to adoption by gay or lesbian couples or single people. LGBT adoption is a broader term that refers to adoption by anyone from the LGBT community.

Does Angel Adoption work with hopeful gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoptive families?

Absolutely! We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to grow their family through adoption. Unlike so many adoption agencies across the United States, we are open to working with all different types of hopeful families. We do not discriminate in any way when welcoming families into our adoption program, and we never have. In fact, we have completed hundreds of LGBT adoptions since we opened our doors in 1998.

Is the gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoption process different in any way?

At Angel Adoption, the adoption process is the same for ALL hopeful families, regardless of what type of family they are. All of our hopeful families are treated equally.

Do expectant mothers choose gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoptive families?

Yes! An expectant mother’s preferences for the types of families she is open to exploring are personal and depend on many factors; however, many expectant mothers we work with want to browse profiles for all different types of families.

Do gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoptive parents wait longer to adopt a baby than non-LGBT parents?

Hopeful gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoptive parents may feel they will have a harder time adopting, but that’s not true. The time it takes any family to adopt depends on a number of other factors, including your adoption education, completing your home study, finishing your adoptive family profile, and how long it takes you to be chosen by an expectant mother. Your family type, however, does not affect that timeframe.

What challenges do children of gay, lesbian, and LGBT families face?

Studies show that children growing up with gay, lesbian, or LGBT parents are no different from children raised by non-LGBT parents. Gay, lesbian, and LGBT people have been facing prejudice and discrimination all their lives, so you might already be aware of the sort of difficulties your child may face growing up in a LGBT family. Most see it as an opportunity for their child to grow as a person and develop a greater sense and appreciation for diversity and inclusion. You should be prepared for some rough spots over the years, but the same is true for all adoptive parents, so don’t let that deter you from your dream of adopting a newborn baby.

What are the laws regarding gay and lesbian adoption and LGBT adoption?

Over the years, hopeful gay, lesbian, and LGBT parents have struggled against discriminatory laws that didn’t allow them to legally adopt a baby. Fortunately, the country has made great strides in this area. Currently all U.S. states permit gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoption; however, specific adoption laws and processes vary from state to state. When you reach the point in the adoption process where you need an attorney, we can refer you to someone that is experienced in gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoption. In fact, we have a whole network of adoption attorneys and professionals across the country ready to assist you when the time comes, regardless of what laws are involved.

If you have questions or concerns about the gay, lesbian, and LGBT adoption process or the LGBT adoption laws in your state, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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