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Adoptive Parent Resources

If you’re hoping to adopt a newborn baby, there is certainly a lot to learn. We understand that it might feel overwhelming, but the good news is that you have a caring, supportive team here at Angel Adoption to guide you through your adoption journey and help you make your dream of adopting a baby come true!

We’ve put together this bank of resources and information about adoption for you to explore. Here you will find everything you need to know about newborn adoption and much more.

Deciding to Adopt a Newborn Baby

  • Quiz: Is Adoption Right for You?

    We believe newborn adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family, but it is not the best option for everyone. Take our adoption self-assessment quiz to help you and your family decide if adoption is the right choice for you.

  • Why Choose Domestic Adoption?

    There are many benefits to both international and domestic adoption. Here we’ve outlined a few of the differences between the two to help you decide which option is best for your family.

  • Common Concerns About Adoption

    Adoptive parents share many of the same concerns when it comes to adopting a baby. It’s important to understand and address these concerns before beginning the adoption process so you can be fully prepared for everything that’s involved.

  • Is Your Spouse Struggling with Adoption?

    Does your spouse or partner seem less enthusiastic about the prospect of adoption? This is not uncommon. Read about the “reluctant spouse” phenomenon and what you can do to help ease your partner’s reluctance to adopt a baby.

  • Infertility and Adoption

    Many couples turn to newborn adoption after suffering a great deal from infertility. Learn more about infertility as it relates to adoption and how to know whether or not you are emotionally ready to adopt.

How to Adopt a Newborn Baby

  • The Adoption Process

    Adopting a baby can be complicated, but we can help you through it! See what the newborn adoption process is like with Angel Adoption.

  • Types of Adoption

    Learn the differences between open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption, and how to choose which option is best for your family.

  • Cost of Adoption

    We know that adoption costs are a big concern for adoptive parents. Here we’ve outlined the costs you can expect when adopting a baby along with a list of financial resources to help you pay for it.

  • The Adoption Home Study

    Every parent who lives in the United States must complete a home study in order to adopt a baby. Learn about what the process involves, how long it takes, and what a final home study report entails.

  • Communicating With Your Birthmother

    If you’ve chosen a semi-open or fully open adoption, you will be communicating with your baby’s birthmother before, during, and after the baby is born. Learn the questions you should ask to maintain healthy communication throughout the adoption process.

  • What to Do While You’re Waiting

    Adopting a baby can involve quite a bit of waiting. The best thing to do during these times is to keep yourself busy. Here are some ideas for staying occupied while you’re waiting.

  • Preparing for Baby

    Getting ready for your adopted baby to arrive is an exciting time! Here are some suggestions for things you should do to prepare for your new baby.

  • Coping With a Failed Adoption

    Unfortunately, sometimes planned adoptions fall apart. Read about the reasons why adoptions occasionally fail, along with suggestions for coping and moving forward if it happens to you.

After Adoption

  • Bringing Home Your Adopted Baby

    In most cases, you will be able to bring your adopted newborn home from the hospital after he or she is discharged. Learn about what you should be prepared for after bringing your baby home from the hospital.

  • Raising an Adopted Child

    For the most part, raising an adopted child is no different from raising a biological child, but there are a few differences. Read about communicating with your child and allowing your child to establish his or her identity as an individual and someone who was adopted.

Other information about newborn adoption

  • Adoption Statistics and Studies

    Adoption has a significant presence in the United States. Here we’ve put together some interesting statistics and studies about adoption in general, adopted children, adoptive families, and domestic adoption.

  • Positive Adoption Language

    Positive adoption language is a way to convey respect for birthparents and adoptive parents during the adoption process. Find out if you’re using any outdated or hurtful adoption terms and what you can say instead.

  • Adoption and Genetics

    Adoption is a wonderful example of how a child’s environment can influence who they become. Read about the nature versus nurture psychological debate and how it relates to adoption.

  • Single Parent Adoption

    We’re happy to say that we’ve had many successful single parent adoptions over the years. Learn more about single parent adoption and the unique challenges you might face on your adoption journey as a single parent.

  • Gay and Lesbian Adoption

    At Angel Adoption, we’re proud to fully support gay and lesbian adoption! Here you’ll find answers to some common questions about the gay and lesbian adoption process.