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Jen made the selfless decision to place her baby for adoption with Angel not only once, but twice! She was kind enough to share her experience in the hope that it would help and inspire other women like you who are considering adoption.

When I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Jen talks about what her life was like when she found out she was pregnant, what lead her to consider adoption, how she ultimately made her decision, and how she feels about it today.

How Angel Helped Me Make My Decision

Jen touches on her experience working with Angel Adoption and how she was able to lean on the staff for support through the adoption process.

How My Family Background Affected My Decision

Jen talks about her family background and how it helped her feel confident in her decision.

My Advice to Other Women Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Jen shares her advice for other women considering adoption, and why adoption was her best decision.

My Second Time as a Birthmother

Jen talks about experiencing an unplanned pregnancy a year after placing her daughter, and how she approached the adoption process for the second time.