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Adoptive Siblings

Transracial Adoptions: Real Answers for Awkward Questions

Adoptive SiblingsFamilies come in all colors and shapes and sizes. Back in the 1970’s, then-president Jimmy Carter’s Commission on the Family declared there is not just one definition for the many types of families that exist in the world, and that is certainly more true than ever today. Forty-odd years have passed since Carter’s commission, and few people question a family made up of different colors. However, because a small part of society still has the assumption that “like adopt like”, transracial adoption can cause some uncomfortable situations. Having some strategies for handling the questions that come just makes life simpler for all concerned. Though these situations can be frustrating, look at them as teachable moments which can help ease stereotypes and allow you to be an advocate for families simply as units of love. Continue reading

adoptive parents with baby

Finding Birth Parents

adoptive parents with babyMany parents dread the words, “I want to find my birth parents.” However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to know about your biological roots. We all want to know who we are, but for adopted children, unless they find birth parents, gaps often remain. This does not mean parents have done anything wrong, but adoptees must also realize that this concept may be difficult for adoptive parents. The best way for parents and adoptees alike to deal with this is through open and honest communication. Continue reading

a birthmother suffering from post-partum depression

Postpartum Depression- Acknowledging Your Symptoms…

iStock_000000930817XSmallWomen can experience highs and lows after labor. If is very important to be able to recognize the symptoms of postpartum depression and enable women to deal with it. Birthmothers can go through a period of loss including various stages of grief such as anger, sorrow, denial, shock, and depression. The adoption process is very emotional, so it’s completely normal that postpartum depression in birthmothers appears after the placement. Knowing this makes it so important for adoptive parents to empathize demonstrate compassion for birthmothers. We’ve listed some ways to manage some of the complications from postpartum depression.  Continue reading

Communicating with birthmother

Life Story Books for Knowledge and Empowerment

Communicating with birthmotherHistory and background is sometimes a sore subject with adopted children, as they may feel out of place or unsure of how their current life fits in with where they came from as they grow old enough to begin questioning these things. A life story book gives you a tool for recordkeeping as well as a place to tell the stories that will hopefully answer adoptee questions as they arise. In many cases, a life story book transforms into a beautiful collaborative work that the adoptee can also contribute to. Continue reading

How to Adopt a Baby

Single Parent Adoption: Starting Your Family

How to Adopt a Baby The nuclear family of a mother, father, and children  has long past being today’s modern arrangement. Financially with the cost of living in the united states, if you are married most of the time in order to sustain the costs of a family, many times it takes both individuals working and contributing families to provide for both of themselves and dependents in a household. Today it is directly proportional to a single person starting a family, it is directly proportional to sustaining their own costs along with dependent. Especially those families who electively adopt. Sometimes having relationships but remaining single is very financially responsible.  There should be absolutely no stigma for single parent adoptions for this reason. Single parents are equally equipped to adopt with the help of an adoption agency or placement partner.  We’ve outlined some key steps to start working towards your adoption application and your family. Continue reading

movies about adoption

5 Famous Adoptive Families

movies about adoptionPeople of all backgrounds and walks of life choose to expand their family by adopting, and celebrities are no exception. Read below to learn more about some of the celebrities who decided to adopt, and what they have to say about their adoption journey. Continue reading

Fundraising Ideas for Adoption

5 Books About Adoption Finance

children's books about adoptionEvery adoption has one thing in common, no matter if it’s open or closed, domestic or international: they do involve extensive financial processes. Understanding how adoption finance works and some of the resources available to you can help you navigate these waters. Check out the list below for five helpful books about adoption finance. Continue reading

Torie, Michelle, Drayton, Laura, Sam, Rachel

Adoptees Often Benefit from Open Adoptions

Torie, Michelle, Drayton, Laura, Sam, RachelWhile it can be easy to put all of your focus on your new child during an adoption, it is important to remember the other side of this equation: the birthparents. They are much more than the people providing you an opportunity to have a child; they’re still biologically connected with them. While not every birthmother is willing to consider an open adoption, when it’s a possibility, it should certainly be considered for the benefits they offer a child throughout his or her life. Continue reading