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a birthmother considering the pros and cons of adoption

The Distance of an Open Adoption

a birthmother considering the pros and cons of adoptionThere are many factors to think about when considering adoption. The type of adoption you want, where you would like your child to live, what ethnicity and faith will your chosen adoptive parents have, and how much contact you would like to have with your child. All of these things can and will likely influence your decisions when choosing who will be the adoptive parents of your child.

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labor tips for birthmothers

12 Important Facts About Open Adoption

labor tips for birthmothersConsidering placing your child for adoption and deciding whether open adoption or closed adoption is best for you is a daunting, hectic, overwhelming and confusing time for birth moms. Whether you’ve already found your perfect agency or are still in the early stages of planning for adoption, it’s sometimes helpful to know some of the facts. 

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a birthmother considering the pros and cons of adoption

After the Adoption: What to Expect as a Birthmother

a birthmother considering the pros and cons of adoptionOftentimes birthmothers become so focused on the act of adoption, especially because unplanned pregnancy can be such a shock to the system, that the thoughts of life post-adoption get pushed aside. This can leave the birth mother in a dark place once the adoption has been finalized, and that can make moving forward a difficult task. When choosing adoption for your baby it is important to spare a thought to the future, and have plans in place to help you cope with an understandably difficult time. 

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What Can Birth Parents Expect After the Adoption?

#ShoutYourAdoptionThe adoption process focuses intently on the prenatal period, with activities such as selecting the perfect adoptive parents whose parenting style aligns with the beliefs and wishes of the birth mom and creating a birth plan. Because of that, life following the birth and the successful conclusion of the adoption is often more of an afterthought. 

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Birthmother Considering Parenting versus Adoption

Adoption Options for Birthmoms

Birthmother Considering Parenting versus AdoptionAn unplanned pregnancy can be a terrifying thing for many people. No matter what stage of life you’re in, this is a huge physical and emotional change you’ll be going through. If you think that adoption may be the best choice for you and your child, you may be wondering what your options are regarding the adoption. As the birthmother, you get to make most of the major decisions about how the adoption will go, and you can lay those decisions out on paper in an adoption plan that your adoption agency can help you put together. Here are a few of the options you’ll be able to consider if you decide to place your child for adoption. 

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adopt a baby

5 Bad Adoption Motivations

adopt a babyAdopting a baby is a life-changing event for all parties involved. However, some people may think that a new arrival will erase all their preexisting wrongs. In almost every case, however, this is untrue. Adopting a newborn adds a new level of stress, not to mention lack of sleep as new parents care for a baby with odd hours of sleep, diaper changing needs, and feeding times. Adopting a baby is likely to make any pre-existing issues flare up and maybe even get worse. So, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons that are wrong for choosing to adopt a baby. 

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Adoption home study social worker holding a form

Adoption Home Study Preparation

Many adoptive parents worry about preparing for an adoption home study, and many more Adoption home study social worker holding a formcan find it a tiring but necessary event. Many prospective parents feel the pressure to create a perfect home environment and present themselves as ideal parents to impress the social worker conducting the study. It is important to remember, however, that social workers don’t expect a faultless environment. They can be more concerned about families trying to project a flawless homelife, since as we all know, when it comes to raising a child, perfect just doesn’t exist.

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adoptive family profile

Things to Do While Waiting to Adopt

adoptive family profileGetting matched with a baby can take a long time, and after months of paperwork, research, adoption-agency liaisons, and a home study, it can be a challenge to suddenly have to sit back and wait. Many prospective parents find it hard to wait and can struggle with the blues because they feel like their life is on hold. To address this issue, we’ve come up with a list of both fun and productive activities to help with the dreaded waiting time so it can pass more quickly.

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