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tips for your first meeting with a birthmother

6 Delivery Hospital Considerations

tips for your first meeting with a birthmotherOne of the most important decisions any birth mother will need to make is which hospital you choose to deliver in. If you live in a more rural area with only one hospital in the region, then your decision is pretty much made for you. However, if your region has multiple birthing hospitals, you may find it harder to choose. So, what are some of the most important aspects of choosing the right hospital?
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Discover 9 Common Myths About The Adoption Home Study Process

Open Adoption: Is it Confusing for Adoptees?

adoptive familyThe decision of whether or not to maintain an open adoption may weigh heavily on the minds of both the adoptive and birth parents. While this arrangement may, at times, seem like it could be confusing for the child, recent research shows that it actually has the opposite effect. The children of open adoptions seem perfectly capable of understanding the different roles that their adoptive and their biological parents play in their lives. However, no two adoptions are exactly the same and there are a few actions you can take to help the child understand and adjust.
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5 Considerations About Transracial Adoption

Adopting a child is a life-changing experience that comes with a unique set of challenges and joys. Transracial adoption can be particularly complex, as it involves an additional set of nuances that adoptive parents must navigate. If you are considering transracial adoption, you should first ask yourself these five questions to ensure you’re prepared to give your child the best upbringing possible: 
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adoption announcements

Early Connections in Open Adoption

adoption announcementsAs the stigma surrounding adoption continues to decrease, many adoptive parents are now choosing to make contact with their children’s birth parents before adoption takes place. This process is known as open adoption, and it can be incredibly beneficial for adopted children, their adoptive parents, and their birth parents. If you’re considering adopting a child, you may find it worthwhile to pursue an open adoption. To help you navigate this process, below are some tips for both connecting with prospective birth parents early in your adoption. 
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Baby Girl Arvella

8 Adoption Myths Dispelled

Baby Girl ArvellaToday’s media is flooded with too many horrifying stories about adoption. Some of these stories are capable of deterring your plans of adopting a child and building an amazing family. The plain truth is that the majority of such stories are nothing but adoption myths fabricated by people in the media space to attract a lot of traffic and viewers to their websites, blogs, and vlogs.
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Birth Moms Looking For Adoptive Parents

Birth Mothers Looking For Adoptive ParentsMany hopeful adoptive parents begin to plan their financial affairs, research adoption agencies, and read up on open adoption after deciding that they wish to expand their families through adoption. The most common question in the minds of such prospective adoptive parents when they draft their adoption profile is: what are birth mothers looking for in adoptive parents? Continue reading

4 Questions to Consider About Open Adoption

Open adoption is not a “goodbye” to your child, rather, it is a type of adoption that still gives you access to your child. Establishing contact with adoptive parents and your child shows that you have progressed from one stage of your adoptive journey to the next. As a result, it is a good idea to decide on your plans for future interactions between you and your child.
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adoptive mom

Modern Adoption: The Effects of The Internet

adoptive momThe creation of the internet has had a massive effect on almost every aspect of the human experience, including, of course, adoption. In the past, birth parents and adoptive parents could only meet in person, through arrangements with their adoption agencies. Now, birth parents and adoptive parents alike can take the adoption search into their own hands.
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