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understanding your adoption financial assistance options

When Are Adoption Donations Tax Deductible?

understanding your adoption financial assistance optionsThere are plenty of ways you can support adoption. You can fund grants that are given to adoptive families, give them loans for completing the process of adoption or participate in crowdfunding. There is no wrong way to go about doing it. But is there a way that will cost you less money? In this post, we are going to provide you with the answer to the question of when adoption donations are tax-deductible! Continue reading

Fundraising Ideas for Adoption

How to Keep Good Communication in an Open Adoption

baby surrounded with books about adoptionWhen it comes to open and semi-open adoptions, good communication between birthparents and adoptive parents is key. But sometimes keeping the communication healthy and the relationship good can be taxing. Different people want different things, and it is not uncommon for people to disagree and even fight. Everyone wants what’s best for the child, but those things are sometimes very different. So how do you deal with keeping a healthy level of communication in an open adoption? Here is a guide that will help you with all your questions. Continue reading


What to Do When You Have Problems with Birthparents

When Problems Occur with BirthparentsEvery adoption is very emotional, both for adoptive parents and for birthparents. Even though your relationship with birthparents can be amazing in the beginning, it is not rare that problems arise later on. So what do you do when you have problems with birthparents? Having emotional and psychological issues isn’t strange or unusual, so here are a few tips you can try if you want to understand and get along better with birthparents. Continue reading

a couple coping with post adoptive depression syndrome

What You Need To Know About Coping With Post-Partum Depression in Birthmothers

Ia couple coping with post adoptive depression syndromet is a well-known fact that birthmothers can experience post-partum depression. And when it happens, it is important to know how to recognize and deal with it. Post-partum depression in birthmothers often occurs when a birthmother places her child for an adoption. She then goes through a period of loss including various stages of grief such as anger, sorrow, denial, shock, and depression. It’s not easy to reconcile the emotional adoption process, so it’s completely normal that post-partum depression in birthmothers appears after the placement. But, there are ways on how to cope with that emotional time. Continue reading

Angel Adoption- Gavin

Misconceptions About Adopting A Baby

GavinPeople who have adopted a baby or a planning on doing it often hear the same things from their friends and family. That is because a lot of people have horrible misconceptions when it comes to the adoption of a baby and this becomes a problem when it becomes widespread. So here are the most common myths surrounding newborn adoptions and the truth behind the lies. Continue reading

Problems with Birthparents

Prenatal Care – A Guide for Birthmothers

Problems with BirthparentsA healthy pregnancy doesn’t include just going to your prenatal appointments with your doctor. It includes a lot of things, and a lot of effort is sometimes needed to get through it. It entails proper nutrition during pregnancy, adequate physical activity and making some simple lifestyle changes. Here are three things you should know if you are a birthmother looking at prenatal care. Continue reading


5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Adoptive Parents

birthmotherSelecting adoptive parents is a tough road. But before sorting through adoptive parent profiles, sit down and think about what matters most to you. What are your must haves? What are deal breakers? Is there anything you don’t want? Keep in mind you have the right to pick any set of adoptive parents based on any set of criteria, and Angel Adoption Inc is ready to guide you through the adoption process and to make it easier, we have created some questions to ask yourself when choosing adoptive parents. Continue reading

What birthmothers look for in adoptive family profiles

Unplanned Pregnancy: Choosing the Right Doctor

What birthmothers look for in adoptive family profilesIf your pregnancy wasn’t planned and you are thinking about adoption, chances are you have a lot on your mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to make it easier for yourself. Choosing the best doctor is among the most important choices of all. Making the right decision, will make you feel much better about the care during your pregnancy. Here is what you should know before you start looking up the physicians in your area. Continue reading

Infertile couple giving a bribe

Making Peace with Infertility: Closing the Chapter by Choosing Adoption

Infertile couple giving a bribeWhen starting a family is something you really want, being unable to conceive can be heartbreaking. In order to achieve their goals of getting pregnant, many couples go through a series of medical treatments. But what to do if none of it works? In this post, we will give you some tips on how to deal with infertility and when it might be right to start considering adoption. Continue reading