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Putting a Baby up for Adoption

Category Archives: Putting a Baby up for Adoption

Pregnant and considering adoption? Angel Adoption can help. Learn more about putting a baby up for adoption and get the adoption support you need.

labor tips for birthmothers

12 Tips for Birthmother Communication

labor tips for birthmothersOpen and semi-open adoptions rely on communication between the adoptive parents and the birth mother. These are an essential part of the adoption process, but can also be a difficult thing to negotiate with both parties often feeling awkward, anxious, emotionally charged, and not to sure how communicate with one another. This is normal, as both parties want a positive outcome out of a situation which can be born of sadness or difficulty. However, there are some tips that you can use to help ease the process of communication, which we will be covering in this article. 

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Suitcase Adoption Trip Packing List

A Birthmother’s Adoption Plan

Suitcase Adoption Trip Packing ListThe hospital stay can be a scary prospect for a birth mother intending on placing their child for adoption. It represents the place where they will give birth to a child they will not be bringing home with them, as well as representing the place they will part with their child. This makes an adoption plan essential, as it helps to demystify and clarify what will happen and when and how. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the creation of an adoption hospital plan. 

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Moving on After Placing Your Child for Adoption

birthmomThere are not many choices that exceed the difficulty that comes along with deciding to place your child for adoption. While circumstances vary from person to person, the decision is always a difficult one that is influenced by many variables. If you’re one of the millions of women who have made this difficult decision, consider these helpful tips that’ll help you move forward and live a life of purpose.

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What do Expectant Women Look for in Adoptive Parents?

iStock_000000930817XSmallFor many expectant women, placing their baby with an adoptive parent(s), can be the most difficult decision they ever have to make. There are many reasons why a woman may choose adoption, but ultimately it is a decision born out of love for the child, which no prospective adoptive parents should overlook. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the key factors looked for when placing their baby.

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