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Putting a Baby up for Adoption

Category Archives: Putting a Baby up for Adoption

Pregnant and considering adoption? Angel Adoption can help. Learn more about putting a baby up for adoption and get the adoption support you need.

Moving on After Placing Your Child for Adoption

birthmomThere are not many choices that exceed the difficulty that comes along with deciding to place your child for adoption. While circumstances vary from person to person, the decision is always a difficult one that is influenced by many variables. If you’re one of the millions of women who have made this difficult decision, consider these helpful tips that’ll help you move forward and live a life of purpose.

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What do Expectant Women Look for in Adoptive Parents?

iStock_000000930817XSmallFor many expectant women, placing their baby with an adoptive parent(s), can be the most difficult decision they ever have to make. There are many reasons why a woman may choose adoption, but ultimately it is a decision born out of love for the child, which no prospective adoptive parents should overlook. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the key factors looked for when placing their baby.

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labor tips for birthmothers

Post-Adoption Self-Care for Birthmothers

labor tips for birthmothers

Often, birthparents are underserved during the adoption process. While studies have been conducted regarding the adoptees and there are many resources available to adoptees, there aren’t many resources available to birthparents, who might face difficulty after the adoption.

Placing a child for adoption with a family could be one of the most emotional events in a woman’s life. Despite that, there still are not many post-placement services and supports available to birthmothers.  After placing a child for adoption, you need to take care of yourself, so here is a guide for practicing self-care following an adoption.

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reading on beach

Birthmother 101: Meeting the Adoptive Parents

reading on beachThere is a lot of time and effort put into placing your baby with the right family. You’ve gone over profile after profile till finally you have your choices narrowed down. It can be a huge relief to have this part behind you, until you realize now it is time to meet.

Try not to let this get you too stressed. Remember that this part of adoption is nerve-wracking for everyone. Here are a few tidbits of insight to help you prepare for your first meeting.

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