The newborn adoption process

Step 1: Complete Our Free Adoption Application

Once you have made the decision to adopt a baby, we make it easy to begin the adoption process with our free online application.

Adoption Process

Step 2: Get Started

After we review your adoption application, one of our adoption coordinators will be in touch to provide all of the information you will need to take the next steps. Our adoption specialists are kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about adoption, and they are always happy to answer any questions you have as you navigate your adoption journey.

Adoption for newborn babies

Step 3: Create Your Adoptive Family Profile

Next, as part of our exclusive marketing and advertising services, we will use your personal photos and words to create a custom adoptive family profile for you. Your profile is how we present you to expectant mothers. Your profile should be unique and paint a picture of your lifestyle, home, and family. Be genuine, be passionate, and most of all, be you.

Adoption phases

Step 4: Complete the Adoption Home Study

All adoptive families are required to complete an adoption home study. The home study determines whether adoptive families are emotionally, physically, and financially ready to adopt a baby. This process can take anywhere from two to six months, so if you haven’t yet initiated this process, now is a good time to do so. We can provide you with local home study agency referrals if needed.

Newborn Adoption Agencies

Step 5: Get Chosen by an Expectant Mother

We believe it is crucial for the expectant mother to be involved in choosing the adoptive family for her baby. Not only does it keep her in control of her adoption plan, but it also makes for healthier, stronger connections. We present each expectant mother with an assortment of adoptive family profiles who align with what she is looking for in her adoption and give her the opportunity to choose a family. When an expectant mother selects your profile, your adoption coordinator will contact you to establish communication with her. That process typically starts with a phone call, text, or email.

Process for Adoption

Step 6: Meet with the Expectant Mother

If the expectant mother would like to continue communicating with you, she may want to meet you in person. Meeting an expectant mother can be stressful for adoptive parents. As experienced adoption professionals, we will assist you in preparing for this meeting by suggesting questions to ask and things to do.

adoption process for new adoptive parents

Step 7: Move Forward with the Expectant Mother

When the expectant mother is ready to move forward with you officially, we will refer you to an attorney in her state that you will hire for her. At this point, you’ll begin to provide the expectant mother with financial support. You’ll continue communicating and building a relationship at her comfort level through the rest of her pregnancy. This is a good time to come up with an agreement regarding communication after placement.

baby for adoption

Step 8: Baby is Born

When the expectant mother goes into labor, you’ll need to get to her as soon as possible so you can be there for the baby. The birth and post-birth experience is different for every adoption and depends heavily on the preferences of the birthparents and adoptive parents. Some birthmothers want to see and hold their baby and meet the adoptive family while others don’t want to do either. Some birthparents allow the adoptive parents in the delivery room while the baby is born, and some adoptive families don’t even arrive at the hospital until after the baby is born.

adoptable baby

Step 9: Bring Your Baby Home

The legal procedures required to finalize an adoption differ drastically from state to state. Some states have revocation periods and some don’t. Some adoptions are final after a few days and some aren’t final until months later. In any case, If the baby was not born in your home state, you will need to remain in the baby’s birth state until the proper paperwork is processed. This usually takes about 7–10 days. After that point, you can travel home with your new baby. Moving forward, you’ll be expected to honor the post-placement agreement you made with your baby’s birthmother.