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  • Baby Boy Parker Reece

    Dustin and Amanda had only a month to get to know Shaelee, but they were able to get to know each other and had a great connection! Dustin and Amanda just made it to the hospital for the birth of their son, Parker Reece, born February 25, 2017. Amanda and Dustin had a long adoption journey, but Parker made every month worth the wait.

  • Baby Girl Hazel Gray

    Brennan and Alex are the proud new daddies to beautiful baby girl, Hazel Gray! Bennan and Alex spent four months building a relationship with birthmother, Jerika. They were able to visit her in January and attend an ultrasound appointment with her, her mother, and aunt. Hazel Gray was born February 24, 2017, to a world already so in love with her. Brennan and Alex only had to wait 11 months to meet their bundle of joy!

  • Baby Boy Carson Michael

    Welcome to the world, Carson Michael! Michael and Linda became proud new parents of their baby boy, born on February 22, 2017. It was just a hop, skip, and jump for them to head to Michigan to finally meet what they had been waiting for. Through up's and down's, Linda and Michael stayed strong with their courage and determination to have a successful adoption, and their dreams came true! Angel Adoption is so very excited for you all!

  • Baby Boy Joseph Raymond

    Truly a story of great friendship and love. Kim and Joe had such an amazing connection with Joseph Raymond's birthmother and it brings us such joy to have led them to her. Joseph was born on February 23, 2017, with a head of hair and the cutest little nose. We are so thankful for being able to grow your family through adoption in just 14 months! Many congratulations to them!

  • Baby Boy Cohen Michael

    Angel Adoption is excited to announce the birth of Cohen Michael! Cohen was born February 13, 2017, to proud new parents Johnathan and Nikki! While the waiting process was trying at times, Nikki and Johnathan remained confident. Thank you to Nikki and Johnathan's wonderful birthmother for putting her trust in this wonderful family - Cohen is one lucky little guy!

  • Baby Boy Taylor

    Birthmother Tasha contacted Angel and felt an instant connection with Scott and Michael. Scott and Michael were able to be with Tasha for all 30 hours of her delivery, and baby Taylor was born February 12, 2017! Taylor is one lucky little dude to have such amazing daddies and an amazing birthmom! We are over the moon excited for this new family of three.

  • Baby Boy Ronald James

    Caron and Jason had a whirlwind of an adoption process, having it completed much sooner than they anticipated! Caron and Jason were selected by a birthmother due just 3 months after their profile was completed. They were able to speak with birthmother, Airyal, a number of times before her due date and get to know each other. Baby boy Ronald James was born February 7, 2017, and Angel could not be happier for this new family of three!

  • Baby Girl Cecilia Ann

    After one failed connection over the summer, Jeff and Lisa were ready to be presented to birthmothers in hopes of making a second connection. In November, they first spoke with Caitlin and had the pleasure of hosting her and her mom at their home one weekend. Cecilia Ann was born February 1, 2017, surrounded by the love of her birthmother and her adoptive parents. We are grateful for birthmothers and adoptive parents alike that build strong relationships throughout the adoption process.

  • Baby Girl Kaelin Kathleen

    Kelly and Jeff first spoke with Rebecca in October 2016, and were able to build a strong relationship with her. When Kaelin Kathleen was born on November 26, 2016, they were ready to welcome her with open arms. Angel is over the moon for this new family of three and is so proud of Rebecca for being strong through the adoption process and trusting that Jeff and Kelly were the right fit! Congratulations Kelly, Jeff, and Kaelin!

  • Baby Girl Nyla Michele

    Trevin and Deon first signed with Angel in July 2016, and had mentally prepared themselves for a two-year adoption process. Much to their surprise, they were selected by a birthmother in November and were able to start building a relationship with her. They spent the better part of the holidays getting to know her and met their daughter, Nyla Michele, on January 26, 2017. Trevin and Deon never expected the adoption process to happen so quickly for them, but we are thankful that they were prepared and ready!