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  • Baby Boy Davis

    On March 12, 2018, Korinne got the call she had been waiting for: an expectant mom was wanting to start talking with her. A few short months later, on June 12, 2018, her son, Davis, was born! Davis' amazing birthmother, who we were in touch with since December of 2017, made the brave decision to call Angel and set up an adoption plan for her son. We are so thankful for Davis' birthmother. Because of her selfless act, another family has had their dreams come true. Korinne adopted in a quick eight months!

  • Baby Boy Henry Robert

    Shannon and Mike began working with Angel in July of 2017. Having been adopted herself, Shannon was excited to begin the adoption process. The couple remained positive and patient as they waited to connect with an expectant mother. In April, they received the news they had been waiting for by getting introduced to a wonderful birthmother who was due in just a few weeks. On May 14, Shannon and Mike welcomed Henry Robert into their family. Angel could not be more excited to watch their wonderful family blossom!

  • Baby Boy Ryan

    Congratulations to Heather and Jeff on the birth of their son, Ryan! His birthmother contacted Angel about three months after Heather and Jeff joined began working with us. Ryan was born in the early hours of May 2nd and the adoptive parents couldn't be happier. We wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  • Baby Girl Faith

    The word 'hope' took on a whole new meaning in Celeste and Naro's adoption journey. They started talking with their expectant mother within two weeks of their profile being approved. She thought she was due at the beginning of April (which was only a few weeks away!). They were shocked at the quick connection but ready to move forward with anything they needed to do. The expectant mother's due date quickly came and went and everyone started to wonder if the baby was ever going to come. Giving up on hope and faith was never an option for Celest and Naro. It wasn't until three weeks after her initial due date that the expectant mom welcomed a baby girl into this world. On April 24, 2018, Faith was born, and these new parents are so in love!

  • Baby Girl Perrie Angel

    Tim and Jess radiated positivity throughout their entire journey at Angel. After just six short months, they started talking with their expectant mother and it was truly a perfect match! They were all from the same state and shared the same family values. Tim and Jess were able to meet with the expectant mother and her mother a few times before the birth of their daughter, Perrie Angel (a name they all decided on together). She was born on April 4, 2018, and was surrounded by the love of both her adoptive and birth families. Their relationship couldn't be stronger and they continue to send pictures and have plans to meet again this summer! A truly heartwarming connection.

  • Baby Boy Kian

    “Congratulations! You have been connected with an expectant mother!” This what Jennifer heard from her adoptive parent coordinator Kieta a week before her son’s birthmother was due! Jennifer began her journey with Angel Adoption in June 2016. After several opportunities that proved not to be the right one, she was ecstatic to start connecting with this expectant mother. Jennifer and the birthmother were overjoyed to welcome baby boy Kian into the world on March 22, 2018. Congratulations to Jennifer!

  • Baby Boy Zalyn

    Duran and Shunda were prepared to wait, but in less than three months they were not only connected with their son's birthmother, but also had their son in their arms! They did not expect for the journey to move so quickly, but it all happened ten days after their first conversation with their son's birthmother. With the guidance of their Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Sam, along with their Birthmother Coordinator, Sue, they were able to easily navigate the fast connection. Easter was extra special this year, as their son, Zalyn, made his appearance on April 1, 2018. The strong bond made between the adoptive parents and the birthmother in such a short amount of time was truly special!

  • Baby Girl Christina

    Garrett and Sarah started off their adoption journey with a great sense of humor and a desire to bring as much joy to their journey as possible. After joining Angel in late July of 2017, they sent their profile materials in to their Adoptive Parent Coordinator in a brightly colored envelope with balloons and a bicycle (Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Kieta, actually has it hanging up in her office!). In late February 2018, they began talking with their daughter's birthmother all the way across the country in California, and they just knew immediately that God had answered their prayers. Christina was born at the end of March, making her parents happier than they ever could have imagined. Their Birthmother Coordinator, Sue, is so excited to have been part of their journey and we all can't wait to see updates of little Christina as she grows (maybe even riding her own bicycle!).

  • Baby Girl Amelia Bernice

    Adam & Gordon began their adoption journey in late 2016. Though they were advised that there are no guarantees in adoption, they just knew that all the love in their hearts was destined to be shared with their future child. After a few opportunities proved not to be the right one, they began texting and emailing with their daughter’s birthmother in February. Amelia Bernice was born on March 23rd and the instantaneous love they felt was unbelievable. In their joy of fatherhood, they have shared a bit of advice for other potential adoptive parents. “It’s a journey. You may connect with the right birthmother within weeks, or you may have connections that just don’t work out… but then there’s that One. The One you know is meant to be. Amelia is now approaching her three-month “birthday” and each day we look at her in amazement. She’s growing. She’s learning. She’s amazing. We have a daughter! Our journey was filled with some doubt, but more prayer. She’s here. She’s our world. Your changed world is coming. Trust in yourselves and the process.” We are so very excited for this family!

  • Baby Girl Garcia Sue

    Tyler and Stacey welcomed their little girl, Garcia Sue, after patiently waiting 16 months. Their expectant mother came to them with just about two months left in her pregnancy and ended up delivering early. Tyler and Stacey met with their expectant mother before the birth and had an instant connection with each other. With the help of Samantha, their Birthmother Coordinator, and their Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Stephanie, all went smoothly for them. Her name Garcia means "by the grace of God," and Sue is a family middle name. Tyler and Stacey enjoyed Easter with their expectant mother and her family. They all have an amazing relationship!