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  • Baby Girl Rosalie

    Although birthmother Christina selected their profile, Sarah and Mitchell had a unique connection with her in that had very minimal contact. They were able to put their trust in the attorneys who worked diligently to be sure Christina's needs were being met and that Sarah and Mitchell felt included in the process. Sweet Rosalie was born September 1, 2017, and met Sarah and Mitchell shortly after! They were able to share photos of themselves with Rosalie through the attorney and Christina was pleased to see how clearly in love with Rosalie they were. There is nothing more beautiful than a new Angel family!

  • Baby Boy Micah Charles

    After a few attempts at emailing back and forth, Matt and Tracy were finally able to connect with birthmother Charly via text message. They spent the first half of the summer getting to know her. After a quick weekend visit in July, everyone was feeling great about the relationship! Tracy and Matt were able to be with Charly when she was induced and met their son, Micah Charles, who was born September 18, 2017. They spent the entire time with Charly in the hospital and never allowed her to feel alone during this process. We are sending so much love to Angel's newest family!

  • Baby Girl Tessa Marie Ayana

    Angela's life turned upside down in a matter of 18 short days. She found out on September 1, 2017, that she had been selected by birthmother Erica and started text messaging with her. By September 18, 2017, Angela's daughter, Tessa Marie Ayana, was born! Angela was able to be in the delivery room with Erica, who was quick to introduce Angela to the hospital staff as Tessa's adoptive mother. While the relationship was fast, it was a blessing to see the bond that Angela and Erica formed so quickly. Congratulations to all!

  • Baby Girl Hannah Jean

    After birthmother Mia spoke with Melissa and Jon, everyone decided the next best step was a visit. Melissa and Jon made the trip to sunny California and met with Mia and her sister. Although it was an emotional visit, everyone felt very positive. They spent the next month in regular contact with Mia and made their second trip to California for Mia's induction, but not before enjoying dinner together the night before. Sweet baby girl, Hannah Jean, was born September 11, 2017, and met her adoptive parents immediately! Melissa and Jon were nothing but wonderful with Mia, and we are so appreciative of the bond that they formed.

  • Baby Girl Blakely Rose

    Baby girl, Blakely Rose, was born on September 9, 2017, in Texas. Ryann and Aaron became proud new parents of this sweet angel. It was a story of great friendship and openness on both sides. They created a bond with birthmother Angela, attending doctor's appointments with her, and they were able to be in the delivery room with her. Congratulations from all of us at Angel on your new bundle of joy!

  • Baby Girl Lorelai Gray

    On September 9, 2017, new daddies, Brandon and John, welcomed their daughter, Lorelai Gray, into the world. Prior to her birth, Brandon and John spent two months getting to know their birthmother, Tyana, and took a weekend visit to meet her prior to delivery. We are grateful that Brandon and John were so open and loving towards Tyana, and cannot commend Tyana enough for choosing adoption! Congratulations to Brandon, John, and beautiful Lorelai.

  • Baby Boy Reed Jacob

    Rich and Rob spent about a month getting to know birthmother, Antoinette, providing her with emotional support through her final month of pregnancy. They were able to visit her prior to delivery and everyone felt very positive about moving forward! Angel got the call that Antoinette delivered a healthy baby boy on August 31, 2017, but she decided she could no longer move forward with an adoption plan and chose to parent. As difficult as the decision was for Rob and Rich, they supported her. Just a week later, they received a call from Antoinette that she had changed her mind and was ready to move forward with the adoption plan. Rich and Rob flow to Pennsylvania on September 7, 2017, and officially became proud dads to Reed Jacob on September 11, 2017! Adoption requires patience, love, and understanding, even in the most difficult circumstances. We are forever thankful that Rich and Rob stuck by Antoinette and were able to welcome their son into their lives!

  • Baby Girl Olivia James & Baby Boy M.

    After several failed connections and a devastating failed placement, Anne and Jim were at the end of their adoption journey. Fortunately, the pieces came together at just the right time. A phone call about a baby girl born in Houston had them on a plane within 24 hours and heading one way into Hurricane Harvey. There they met their beautiful daughter, Olivia James, born on August 23, 2017. Much to their surprise, shortly after coming home with their daughter, a birthmother with whom they had previously been connected returned with consent to adopt a 19-month old boy! Within weeks, they were a family of four! Anne and Jim are a great example of the faith and determination it can take to become parents. We couldn't be happier for this family!

  • Baby Boy Greyson Michael

    After a heartbreaking failed adoption in July, Julie and Carlo were anxious for another connection and remained hopeful they would find the perfect birthmother for them. On August 24, 2017, birthmother Kari contacted Angel. She had delivered a baby boy in her home that morning. After settling in at the hospital, she decided an adoption plan was best for her and her baby. Julie and Carlo were quick to head to Maine and meet their son, Greyson Michael! After discharge, they were able to meet Kari and spend time with her before heading home. Out of love for Kari, Greyson's middle name is after Kari's Uncle Mike. Julie and Carlo waited 23 months for Greyson, and we are in love with this new family of three!

  • Baby Boy Jacob William

    When birthmother Crystal first contacted Angel, she was confident in her adoption plan but requested to have no contact with the adoptive family. While it may have been a rare request, Chad and Jenny kept their faith in Angel and Crystal and chose to move forward with an adoption plan. Jacob William was born August 29, 2017, welcomed by his adoptive parents and new big brother. Congratulations to this new family, and thank you, Crystal, for putting your trust in us!