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  • Baby Boy Jennings Lee

    Throughout Kristen's four-month connection with birthmother Ravyn, they were able to meet multiple times, only being hours away from each other. When they meet the weekend after for a doctor's appointment and ice cream, Ravyn was the one to give Kristen her first Mother's Day card. Kristen, her mom, and her sister were able to attend Ravyn's final doctor's appointment and welcomed Jennings Lee into the world on July 27, 2017! We love seeing families build healthy, supportive relationships that will forever be a part of a child's story! Congratulations, Heather!

  • Baby Boy Harrison Maximilian

    After seriously considering her adoption plan and reading through a number of profiles, birthmother Brooke felt a connection with Alison and Paul that she knew was right. Brooke, Alison, and Paul were all able to meet for a weekend, furthering their strong relationship. Harrison Maximilian was born July 26, 2017, surrounded by the love of his biological and adoptive families. We are so happy for our newest Angel family!

  • Baby Girl Elizabeth Leandra

    Val and Greg first spoke with birthmother Megan in May and spent two months building a loving foundation for her daughter. Val and Greg's plan was to arrive five days prior to Megan's due date so they could spend time with her prior to delivery. Much to their surprise, on their way to the airport, they got a call that Megan was in labor! Val arrived just six hours after their daughter was born and Greg arrived the next morning. Elizabeth Leandra was born July 24, 2017, into a world that was already in love with her. It's so important that adoptive families and birthmothers are on the same page throughout the adoption process, and we are thankful that Greg, Val, and Megan all loved Elizabeth so much to put her first!

  • Baby Girl Kallie

    When Justin and Hayley signed with Angel in March of 2017, they were prepared for a 24-month wait, as we prepare all of our families for. Much to their surprise, at the end of June, a birthmother who was due in July fell in love with their online profile. While it was a quick one-week connection, they built a strong foundation with birthmother Katlyn and were able to spend time with her before she gave birth. Gorgeous baby girl, Kallie, was born July 21, 2017, and was able to spend time with all those that love her. From the entire Angel family, we wish this new family nothing but the best!

  • Baby Boy Theodore David

    Being their second adoption, Joe and Melissa were no strangers to this process and knew that when the time was right, the perfect birthmother would connect with them. Birthmother Shelby contacted Angel in early June, requesting that we select a family for her. We knew that Joe and Melissa were perfect for Shelby. Their understanding of the adoption process and their willingness to jump in feet first is exactly what we needed. Shelby delivered a healthy, happy baby boy on July 20, 2017, that Joe and Melissa met shortly after. Theodore David was instantly loved by all, including his new big brother! Angel is so grateful for families that trust the adoption process and birthmothers that put their faith in our staff. Congratulations to Joe and Melissa on their growing family!

  • Baby Boy Noah Frederick

    Josh and Sarah had only been signed with Angel for five short months before their profile was selected by birthmother Mayra. Over the course of three months, Josh, Sarah, and Mayra were able to build a supportive relationship leading up to delivery. Both adoptive parents were able to be present for the birth of their son, Noah Frederick, born July 19, 2017. We are all in awe of Mayra's strength through this process and her positive attitude. We are over the moon for this new family of three and know that this process would not have been possible without amazing women like Mayra!

  • Baby Boy Thomas William

    After a tough start to the adoption process, birthmother Catie made a connection with Jennifer and Kelton and felt at ease with them immediately and for the remainder of her pregnancy. Kelton and Jennifer were quick to head to Illinois to meet Catie prior to delivery and spent a wonderful weekend with her and her family. On July 24, 2017, Catie gave birth to a precious baby boy, and Kelton and Jennifer became parents to Thomas William. While their connection may have been short, it was nothing short of powerful.

  • Baby Boy

    Congratulations to Billy and Lisa on the birth of their son on July 12, 2017!

  • Baby Boy Eli Martin

    When Dan and Lindsay first signed with Angel in 2013, they had no clue what their adoption journey would hold. After numerous failed connections, they were able to adopt their first child outside of Angel and placed their time with Angel on hold while they loved on their new bundle of joy. When they were ready to return to Angel at the end of 2016, they felt prepared to jump back into the unknown. The beginning of 2017 started with two more failed connections, but they still remained hopeful. When birthmother Nikkia contacted Angel in June, wavering on her adoption plan, we were supportive of her throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. Nikkia gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy on July 3, 2017, but didn't choose to move forward with an adoption plan until July 8. Our first call was to Lindsay and Dan to see if they would be interested in moving forward with Nikkia and her son and they immediately said yes. Dan and Lindsay met their son, Eli Martin, on July 19, 2017, and were instantly in love. While the road that led them to Eli was bumpy, we all know that when it's meant to be it will. We are grateful for Dan, Lindsay, and Nikkia for all putting baby Eli first!

  • Baby Girl Olivia Joy

    Adoptive families and birthmothers can find their way to each other in many different ways, and Angel is happy to assist in all types of adoption plans. When birth parents Melissa and Anthony began to consider adoption, Melissa's sister suggested a couple she knew named Steve and Faith who were adopting through Angel. Melissa reached out to let us know she was interested in getting to know Steve and Faith. As a result, Steve, Faith, Melissa, and Anthony spent six months walking through the adoption process together, including a weekend trip to Florida to meet Melissa and Anthony and attend a doctor's appointment together. Steve and Faith were able to be there when Melissa was induced and met their daughter, Olivia Joy, the minute she was born on June 7, 2017. Over the course of a six-month connection, these two families had a chance to form a very special bond that will forever be part of Olivia's story.