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  • Baby Girl Amelia Bernice

    Adam & Gordon began their adoption journey in late 2016. Though they were advised that there are no guarantees in adoption, they just knew that all the love in their hearts was destined to be shared with their future child. After a few opportunities proved not to be the right one, they began texting and emailing with their daughter’s birthmother in February. Amelia Bernice was born on March 23rd and the instantaneous love they felt was unbelievable. In their joy of fatherhood, they have shared a bit of advice for other potential adoptive parents. “It’s a journey. You may connect with the right birthmother within weeks, or you may have connections that just don’t work out… but then there’s that One. The One you know is meant to be. Amelia is now approaching her three-month “birthday” and each day we look at her in amazement. She’s growing. She’s learning. She’s amazing. We have a daughter! Our journey was filled with some doubt, but more prayer. She’s here. She’s our world. Your changed world is coming. Trust in yourselves and the process.” We are so very excited for this family!

  • Baby Girl Garcia Sue

    Tyler and Stacey welcomed their little girl, Garcia Sue, after patiently waiting 16 months. Their expectant mother came to them with just about two months left in her pregnancy and ended up delivering early. Tyler and Stacey met with their expectant mother before the birth and had an instant connection with each other. With the help of Samantha, their Birthmother Coordinator, and their Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Stephanie, all went smoothly for them. Her name Garcia means "by the grace of God," and Sue is a family middle name. Tyler and Stacey enjoyed Easter with their expectant mother and her family. They all have an amazing relationship!

  • Baby Boy Asher Jude

    After waiting patiently for nearly two years, an expectant mother reached out to Angel in January and started communicating with Matt and Shannon. In April they welcomed little Asher Jude into their family. Matt and Shannon were able to meet their expectant mother in the hospital. She is very sweet and funny, and she had a great support system behind her during her adoption plan. We are so excited for them all!

  • Baby Boy Wyatt Emerson

    In February, Angel received a call from an expectant mother due in April. She had chosen Karl and Melissa and they instantly started communicating. They were in contact with each other almost every day and developed a great relationship and bond. Their expectant mother had a C-section, and Karl and Melissa were able to be there. She had a little boy and they named him Wyatt Emerson. Angel could not be happier for them!

  • Baby Boy William James

    Steven and Christina started working with Angel Adoption in March 2016. As they approached the two-year mark, they started to get nervous about finding their first baby. Their prayers were finally answered in early February when they learned they had been chosen by an expectant mother in Colorado who was due at the end of March. The day before the birthmother's due date window, they got the next call of their lives — the baby was coming! There were no good flights to Colorado, so they drove instead, racing across the Midwest for 14 hours. In the middle of their drive, they learned the baby had arrived at 1 am that night and was healthy and perfect. Baby William James was cleared to leave Colorado a week earlier than expected and had his first cross-country road trip at just ten days old. The little family couldn't be happier! Their Birthmother Coordinator, Samantha, and their Adoptive Parent Coordinator, Kieta, were so excited to meet the whole family in person at Angel's 20 Year Reunion, where William was the youngest in attendance.

  • Baby Boy Owen

    Kyle and Emily did not have too much time to prepare for the arrival of their son, Owen. Their expectant mother reached out to Angel on March 5th and delivered a beautiful baby boy on the 23rd! Owen now has a big sister and brother and they are so excited he has been added to their family. It was exactly the right situation for them and we couldn't be happier for them. As you can see from their picture they couldn't be happier either. Congratulations!

  • Baby Boy Amias

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...unless you're an adorable little man named Amias. Then you go home with your deliriously happy new mommies, Becca and Tamara! After he was born, Becca and Tamara brought Amias back home to New Hampshire to explore all the beauty of New England while receiving all the love two overflowing hearts can give. Becca and Tamara joined Angel in late January of 2017, excited to begin their adoption journey. Though Amias' birthmother was not the first to choose them, they knew right away that Lady Luck was on their side the second time around. They are unbelievable grateful for the relationship they were able to form with Amias' birt mother and her family when they were in Nevada. The birth-grandparents brought them presents at the hospital, so grateful that their biological grandson was going to be so loved and cherished. The staff here at Angel were so happy to see these amazing women, who had such care and concern for the birthmothers they worked with, bring home their newborn son. Viva, Amias!

  • Baby Boy Isaiah

    Joe and Katie waited 12 months for their little angel, Isaiah. Their expectant mother came to Angel a few months prior stating she was due in March, but she ended up having her baby in January. The expectant mother had decided to parent, but ultimately felt it was best if she placed him for adoption. Joe and Katie were so excited to get the news, Katie said it was all "whirlwind." They chose the name Isaiah due to its meaning of "God is my salvation." When we received the email with little Isaiah's photo, Katie and Joe said, "We love him so very much already! We have bonded and I think he has already learned my heartbeat...when I put him on my chest, he instantly calms down and snuggles right up. He is by far the best thing that has ever happened to us." We couldn't be happier for them. His picture says it all.

  • Baby Boy Shane

    Tim and Michelle welcomed little Shane on March 23rd in Oklahoma. They were talking with Shane's birthmother for about three months before the birth to get to know her better and develop a relationship. She was so amazing and caring and truly wanted to make a family's dream of having a baby a reality. Tim and Michelle's dream came true in 23 months. Congratulations!

  • Baby Boy Owen

    When Jeff and Lacey adopted their daughter, Harper, from Angel, the wait was long, but they just knew in their hearts that if they were patient and "all-in" that their desire to grow their family would be answered. They came back to Angel again in March of last year (when Harper was just a little over a year old) with a similar devotion to making her a big sister. In late January of this year, they had the opportunity to speak with their son's birthmother and she went into labor at the end of March. In nine short months, Owen joined their family. Jeff and Lacey have maintained a good relationship with Owen's birthmother. She is a very strong and sweet woman. While their family of four has been through all of the beauty and trials that adoption has to offer, they wouldn't have it any other way. Their hearts are so full of gratitude for the choice Owen's birthmother made to allow him to join their family.