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  • Baby Boy Clyde

    While their time with Angel was only a short nine months, we loved helping Chase and Constanza throughout their adoption journey. Chase and Constanza first connected with their son's birthmother in August 2017, communicating through text messages. In August, they made the trip to Arizona to meet her in person and were able to attend an ultrasound appointment with her. Just days before her due date, they flew to Arizona once more to spend the final days of her pregnancy together. Clyde was born December 4, 2017, happy and healthy as could be! What a wonderful way for Chase and Constanza to end their 2017!

  • Baby Boy Beau

    Mayra and Brian had very little time to spend getting to know their son's birthmother before she delivered on November 30, 2017! Baby Beau met his adoptive parents shortly after birth. We are forever thankful to Beau's birthmother for considering an adoption plan. Congratulations to Mayra and Brian and their growing family!

  • Baby Girl Marissa Ann

    Through six failed adoptions, Kelly and Charles continued to remain hopeful that the adoption process would work for them when the time was right. Kelly and Charles' world turned upside down when we presented them with a baby girl, who was born on November 27, 2017, and waiting to meet her adoptive parents! They were quick to move forward and were able to meet their daughter, Marissa Ann, on November 28, just one day after she was born. Kelly was able to meet Marissa's birthmother and express her gratitude for choosing adoption. Everyone's adoption path is different and through all the ups and downs, we are forever thankful that Kelly and Charles continued to stay positive! Congratulations!

  • Baby Boy Aspen Irelan James

    Mike and Katie's son's birthmother first contacted Angel in March 2017, but she took until the end of the summer to consider an adoption plan. When she reconnected with Angel in July, she chose Katie and Mike as her first preference in families. Katie and Mike were able to spend time with their birthmother over the course of her final trimester, helping her through finding an apartment and getting settled. Sweet baby boy, Aspen Irelan James, was born November 18, 2017, exactly four months after his adoptive parents and birthmother first communicated. Through their 17-month wait, they remained faithful that the right connection was out there and we are thankful for Aspen's birthmother for choosing adoption!

  • Baby Girl Bernadette Lorraine

    Stephanie and Albert's daughter's birthmother first contacted Angel in August. She chose Stephanie and Albert for her daughter and connected with them on October 5th. They kept in touch, talking and texting. Exactly five weeks later, Bernadette Lorraine was born on November 9th! Stephanie, her son, and mother flew down to Florida and met Bernadette and the birth parents at the hospital. Stephanie spent hours talking with the birthparents and it was a wonderful experience. Stephanie and Albert were 22 months into their 24-month contract and were beginning to think adoption would not happen for them. We are grateful that Stephanie and Albert kept their faith in Angel and that Bernadette's birthparents were able to give them the most wonderful gift!

  • Baby Boy

    Congratulations to Kymberly on the adoption of her son, born October 19, 2017!

  • Baby Boy Blake Lee

    In the rare instance that a birthmother requests a closed adoption, Angel will always respect her wishes. This was the case for Chris and Danielle's birthmother. Chris and Danielle put their faith and trust in both Angel and their social workers, knowing that their son's birthmother was responsive to those around her and her adoption plan. Baby boy, Blake Lee, was born on September 2, 2017, happy and healthy as could be. We are thankful to those women that make the brave and courageous decision to create an adoption plan for their children. What a blessing Blake has been to Chris and Danielle.

  • Baby Boy Tobias

    Derek and Aaron signed with Angel in April 2017, prepared for the long wait adoption often entails. In June 2017, Angel contacted them to let them know their profile had been selected by an expectant mother due in October. Derek and Aaron spent the better part of the summer getting to know her, and on October 11, 2017, Tobias was born! Derek and Aaron were able to meet Tobias' birthmother and her family at the hospital and spent some precious time together. While their time with Angel was short, we are blessed to have been able to watch Derek and Aaron become new dads!

  • Baby Boy Harrison William

    Sarah and Steven's son's birthmother first contacted Angel in April 2017, confident of her adoption plan, but unsure of where to start. Angel was able to remain in contact with her, providing her the guidance she needed and helped her connect with Sarah and Steven in July. Sarah and Steven were able to spend a couple months getting to know their son's birthmother and were able to be there for her C-section, meeting their son Harrison William on October 9, 2017! Over the course of 14 months, Steven and Sarah kept their faith in Angel and that the right birthmother was out there for them! Congratulations to this new family of three.

  • Baby Girl Adhara Vida

    Lisa and Stacy first communicated with their daughter's birthmother in early August, aware that the days were numbered before she delivered. They quickly built a very loving and trusting relationship, text messaging regularly. Adhara Vida was born October 1, 2017, and met her adoptive moms the very next day! Stacy and Lisa were able to spend their time with both Adhara and her birthmom and met for lunch before heading home. We admire the love that Adhara's adoption is formed around and cannot give enough credit to all three of her moms for always putting her first.