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  • Baby Girl Cali Ann

    Stacy and David had previously been through the adoption process with their daughter, Olivia, and they were excited to continue on this route to expand their family. They were hoping for a little boy. They had quite a few connections that didn't work out, along with a failed adoption. Nevertheless, they didn't lose sight of the beauty of adoption and persevered through everything that came their way. Eventually, they opened up their gender preference. Shortly thereafter, they were presented with an opportunity from a birthmother who was looking to place her ten-month-old baby girl. David and Stacy made plans to meet with her right away, and within 12 days they became the proud parents to baby girl, Cali Ann! Their daughter, Olivia, is over the moon in love with her new sister, and they couldn't imagine their family looking any differently!

  • Baby Boy Brandon Ray

    Cheryl and Mark began working with Angel in early 2017. About 15 months into their contract, they experienced a failed connection, but they kept the faith and were ready to continue to move forward, eagerly awaiting their next opportunity. They were matched with an expectant mother shortly thereafter. Cheryl and Mark were at the hospital when baby Brandon Ray was born on November 14, 2018. We are so very happy for this family and their wonderful new addition!

  • Baby Boy Hunter Carl

    Jen and Wes were nine months into their contract before they were chosen by their son's birthmother. They started talking in May of 2018 and she had an estimated due date of sometime in December. Over the next six months, they were able to meet and develop a strong connection that would hold true until their son, Hunter Carl, made an early appearance on November 9, 2018. Congratulations to this happy family!

  • Baby Boy Logan Ryan

    About 18 months into their journey with Angel, Jason and David were chosen by an expectant mother who was already in her last trimester of pregnancy! They were able to develop a strong connection with her in a relatively short period of time, even flying out to meet her in person. Baby Logan Ryan was born on October 19, 2018, and we couldn’t be happier for this wonderful family!

  • Baby Girl Faye Anna

    Lindsay and Dan were a spirited and driven couple truly open to any opportunity that may arise. They were chosen by an expectant mother who was already seven months pregnant! They flew out to be with the expectant mother when she delivered, and baby Faye Anna was born on October 20, 2018. We are ecstatic for this family and their beautiful new addition!

  • Baby Girl Tyler Kay

    Eighteen months into their journey, Jamie and Jonathon experienced an unsuccessful connection with an expectant mother, but they still did not give up hope! Within a few months, they were matched with another expectant mother and maintained cautious optimism throughout the entire connection, even when uncertainties arose. Baby Tyler Kay was born on September 15, 2018, and we are so happy for this family and their beautiful baby girl!

  • Baby Girl Caitlyn Harleigh

    Just over six months into their time with Angel, Michelle and Tim were so excited when they began talking with an expectant mother. Things progressed quickly, and they connected shortly thereafter. Baby Caitlyn Harleigh was born on September 17, 2018, and everyone at Angel is so very excited for this wonderful family!

  • Baby Girl Ari Esmeralda

    Manny and Megan returned to us after a three-year hold in June of 2018, and they had five months left on their contract. They remained hopeful that they would add to their family with the time they had left at Angel. Fortunately, it was only three months later when they were chosen by their daughter’s birthmother. They instantly connected once they spoke and developed a strong bond over the next month. They welcomed their precious little girl, Ari Esmeralda, into the world on October 25th, 2018, exactly one month after they began talking to the birthmother. Congratulations to this beautiful family!

  • Baby Boy Lincoln Skyler

    Hayley and Kurt first came to Angel in the fall of 2017. About ten months into their journey, they were overjoyed when they were matched with an expectant mother. Baby Lincoln Skyler was born on October 13, 2018, just a few days shy of the family’s one year anniversary with Angel. We are so thrilled for this fantastic family!

  • Baby Girl MarleyAnn

    Sarah and Tanner started their journey with Angel Adoption in January of 2018. Being a military family, they had to prepare for the possibility of being chosen while Tanner was deployed for three months. They worked on finishing their home study and ensured that all legal documents were in place in case they received "the call." Luckily, Tanner arrived home three weeks before their daughter’s birthmother contacted them. They found themselves at ease with her from the very beginning, and they were connected five days after they started talking. After seven months of starting their journey, Sarah and Tanner welcomed their little girl, MarleyAnn Frances on September 13, 2018. Congratulations on your happy family of four!