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  • Baby Girl Evelyn Ann

    Oftentimes, the adoption process is full of unknowns and what ifs. When baby girl Evelyn Ann was born a full month early, adoptive fathers Kory and Jordan were up for the challenge. Though they spent a full month in the NICU, their communication with their birthmother remained positive and their love for their daughter only continued to grow. Evelyn Ann graced the world on April 28, 2017, and finally got to go home with her daddies on May 30, 2017. With a smile like hers, we know that Evelyn is going to light up every room she walks into!

  • Baby Boy Benjamin Oliver

    In a whirlwind of a couple days, Hope and Kevin had no idea what to expect from their short and quick connection with Whitney. Located only hours away from Whitney, they were able to be there just after the birth of their son, Benjamin Oliver, born May 28, 2017. Families that are prepared for adoption at a moment's notice make the process that much easier. Wishing nothing but the best to this new family!

  • Baby Boy Sawyer Tuff

    Angel assists birthmothers of all different sorts of backgrounds and loves when families are supportive through the adoption process. Birthmother Ashton first contacted Angel in October 2016, but took until January 2017, and the support of her mom to proceed with the adoption process. Both Ashton and her mom felt a connection to Nick and Niki and were able to get to know each other through the remainder of her pregnancy. Baby boy, Sawyer Tuff, was born May 16, 2017, sharing his birthday with another Angel baby! We are over the moon for new parents, Nick and Niki!

  • Baby Girl Maya Bethany

    When Leila first adopted from Angel in 2011, she was confident it wouldn't be her last adoption. Through multiple failed connections, Leila remained faithful that adoption was meant to bless her family again. While her connection with Fatuma was filled with ups and downs, Leila was always available for her and supportive throughout the pregnancy. Baby girl, Maya Bethany, was born May 16, 2017, and Leila was able to be there for Fatuma's induction. We are ever so grateful for returning Angel families and the love that they provide to birthmothers and their adopted children.

  • Baby Twins Elliott Michael & Elyssa Amanda

    What could be better than one baby? TWO babies! Congratulations to Janye and Rich on the birth of their twins, Elliott Michael and Elyssa Amanda, born May 25, 2017. Janye and Rich lived only hours from birthmother Philshonjra, and Jayne was able to be at the doctor's appointment when they found out Philshonjra was having twins! Jayne and Rich were also able to be there for the scheduled c-section of the twins, meeting them right away. We are over the moon excited for Janye, Rich, and their growing family! Thank you to Philshonjra for trusting Angel throughout the adoption process and being such a positive light to a hopeful family.

  • Baby Girl Abigail Lillian

    Birthmother Leah admitted she was considering adoption for months prior to contacting Angel in early May. She was aware that her due date was right around the corner, but as soon as she read through Staci and Jeremy's profile, she felt at ease with her decision to move forward with adoption. Just 24 hours after first texting with Jeremy and Staci, Leah went into labor. Lucky for Staci and Jeremy, Leah was only hours away from them! Sweet baby girl Abigail Lillian was born May 13, 2017, and was able to spend her first hours in the world surrounded by the love of her birthmom and adoptive parents. From all of us here at Angel, we wish Jeremy, Staci, and Abigail nothing but love and happiness!

  • Baby Boy Jayden

    Birthmother Freonna contacted Angel on May 8, only to go into labor less than 24 hours later! Thanks to families prepared for adoption, when Freonna selected Heather and Kendra as the adoptive parents to her son, they were ready to go. Heather and Kendra quickly headed to Michigan, to meet their son, Jayden, born May 9, 2017. Congratulations to new moms Heather and Kendra!

  • Baby Boy Corban

    When Robert and McKenzie first returned to Angel for their second adoption, they had an idea of what to expect from the process. They could not have predicted that the birthmother that selected them would want a closed adoption with zero communication. Robert and McKenzie had only a week to get attorneys and travel plans in place before their son, Corban, was born May 8, 2017. We are grateful for returning Angel families, especially when the process requires an extra push of faith. We know that Robert and McKenzie will always speak highly of Corban's birthmother and we are thankful that Corban's birthmother trusted Angel through her adoption process.

  • Baby Girl Camryn Jean

    Adoption stories are born out of love for not only a child but a birth family. When Jeff and Jeff were first connected with a young birthmother, they knew they had to welcome her and her mother into their lives with open arms. Initially, they were only in contact with the birthmother's mom, but over time were able to build a relationship with the birthmother as well and visit as a group one weekend. When their birthmother went into labor, Jeff and Jeff were able to be by her side, meeting their daughter Camryn Jean on May 7, 2017. Angel is grateful for adoptive parents that understand that adoption is not only about their growing family, but the family the child is coming from. Congratulations to new daddies Jeff and Jeff on the adoption of their daughter!

  • Baby Girl Morgan Lee

    Lara and Kevin were first selected by birthmother Lyndsey in April and spent the next month getting to know her and her family. They were able to be there for the birth of their daughter, Morgan Lee, born May 4, 2017! Lyndsey put her faith and trust in all of us, and we are excited to know that a friendship has developed between her and Morgan's adoptive parents. Congratulations to Angel's newest family, Lara, Kevin, and Morgan!