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  • Baby Girl Alanna

    “We are at peace knowing that there is hope in that we can be the answer to your prayers, just as you may be the answer to our prayer.” These beautiful words were written by Michael and Natasha when they began their journey with Angel Adoption in October 2016. In April 2018, as they were nearing the end of their contract, a birthmother reached out to Michael and Natasha. Things moved very quickly from that point, and on May 25, their beautiful baby girl Alanna was born! Michael and Natasha’s prayers were answered and they could not be more happy! Congratulations to this beautiful, new family!

  • Baby Boy Daniel Kane

    After one unsuccessful match with an expectant mother, Kimberly and Nicholas were chosen by an expectant mother who was already 39 weeks pregnant and three centimeters dilated! Kimberly and Nicholas were able to meet her in person before baby Daniel was born on August 18th, only six months into their contract with Angel. We are all so excited for them!

  • Baby Girl Keagan Marie

    Only seven months into their contract, Kim and Jeff began text messaging with an amazing expectant mother. She was admitted to the hospital, in labor, the very next day, and Kim and Jeff drove through the night to be there with her. Everyone developed an incredible bond in such a short period of time — only 24 hours! Baby Keagan Marie was born on August 1st, and everyone at Angel is so thrilled for them!

  • Baby Boy Deacon Matthew

    Nearly two full years into their contract, Anna Mary and Matt developed a wonderful relationship with an expectant mother and were able to be present at the hospital for her Cesarean section. Baby Deacon was born on August 14th, and Anna Mary likened their experience to “a Hallmark movie!” We are so very excited for their family!

  • Baby Boy Easton Neil

    Matt and Erin began communicating with an expectant mother just 5 months into their contract with Angel. As the expectant mother was already in her last trimester of pregnancy when she began communicating with Matt and Erin, things progressed quickly. Baby Easton was born on July 2, 2018, and everyone at Angel is so excited for them!

  • Baby Girl Daniela

    Borja and Cristina started their journey with Angel in November of 2017. Four months later, they began talking with their daughter’s birthmother. Borja and Cristina were able to meet her early into her pregnancy and built a very strong connection that continued for the next six months. On September 25th, Christina and Borja welcomed their daughter Daniela into the world and she was totally worth the wait! Congratulations to this very happy family!

  • Baby Girl Johanna Jean

    Sara and Amir joined Angel in late January 2017. They had experience in the adoption world as they had adopted their first son three years earlier. Following the birth of their second son, they decided to join Angel to further grow their family. This couple had quite a journey as they spoke to two expectant mothers before being chosen by their daughter’s birthmother. Sara was able to meet with the birthmom about a week before she gave birth. They welcomed Johanna Jean on September 21, 2018, and couldn’t be happier for the addition to their family!

  • Baby Girl Susanna Lillian

    This happy couple signed up with Angel in the middle of May 2018. A few short months later they were connected with their daughter’s birthmother, with whom they never had contact. Baby Susanna made her surprise entrance into the world less than a month later on September 20, 2018. This couple put a lot of faith and trust into the adoption professionals that they worked with and respected their birthmother's privacy. They were able to meet her at the hospital when they met their daughter. Congratulations, Adam and Sallie, on your new bundle of joy!

  • Baby Boy Greyson

    Brittany and Greg first connected with their son's birthmother just five short months after starting their journey with Angel. They formed a great relationship with her early on and were able to spend eight months getting to know one another. When the time came to learn the sex of the baby, they even drove out to visit her so they could find out together! Everyone was so excited to finally meet Greyson on August 23, 2018. Brittany and Greg are so grateful to their son's lovely birthmother for the gift of their son.

  • Baby Boy James Randall

    We began talking with our son's birthmother in March, thirteen months into our time with Angel Adoption. She was the fourth expectant mother we matched with, and we communicated with her every day up until the birth. We were blessed to be in the delivery room supporting and coaching her when James Randall was born on August 18, 2018. We are overwhelmed with joy to have sweet baby James in our lives as well as a courageous and strong birthmom with an open adoption. The journey has been full of ups and downs, but the end result is the greatest gift of our lives and was well worth the wait! We are happy to have baby James in our home, hearts, and family.