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Adopting a Newborn Baby

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adoptive parents preparing for the adoption home study

Home Study Process Myths and Truths

adoptive parents preparing for the adoption home studyIn the context of adoptions, the home study process is a series of information-gathering interviews that your social worker will ask about you and the family you would like to create through the adoption process. Over the course of three to six months, your social worker will conduct a comprehensive interview with you as well as from other relevant parties involved.

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Facts About Domestic Adoption

#adoption #familyWhen adopting a child, there are many factors to discuss and contemplate. Domestic adoptions are known to have many perks for prospective parents. Domestic adoptions have a faster processing time and also afford new parents the same parent-child rights as a child born naturally to them. Domestic adoptions can also provide new parents with a more detailed medical history of the adopted child. Let’s look at some quick facts about domestic adoptions.

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Adoptive Family

Debt-Free Adoption

Adoptive FamilyWhen many think of adoption, they often think of the wait times or the often harrowing process of being matched with a birthmother. In addition to the perils that come along with child rearing, there is one aspect of adoption that is rarely spoken about. That is the financial cost of adopting a child.

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Talking About Race with Your Transracial Adoptee

#adoption #familyWhile combining races in one family is a beautiful thing, it still comes with its fair share of difficulties. In order for a transracial adoptive parent to understand how to properly raise their children free from identifying issues, they need to take action from the moment they bring their child home, to the moment they leave for college and even beyond. Let’s consider how adoptive parents can make sure their child grows into a confident and well-rounded individual.

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Angel Baby Boy Anthony James

How Age Factors Into How Children Process Adoption

Angel Baby Boy Anthony JamesIn the 21st century it’s far more common for a child to know that they are adopted from an early age than the secretive scenarios you may have heard about from the past. Understanding where we come from is an inherent need in all of us, and for an adopted child, understanding their beginnings can often be essential for their development and growth.

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Adoption home study social worker holding a form

The Value of a Lifebook for the Adopted Child

Questions to ask an adoption agencyOne of the biggest obstacles parents of newly adopted children face is fostering strong attachment and familial bonds with their new addition. This typically of course isn’t on the side of the parent(s); often for them, bonds are formed as soon as they see their prospective child, or, after a few engagements with them. However, for an adoptive child who may have had a history of abandonment or unstable situations, learning to trust and connect with a caregiver in a meaningful way can prove difficult.

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