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Category Archives: Adopting a Newborn Baby

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understanding your adoption financial assistance options

Adoption Costs Explained

understanding your adoption financial assistance optionsIt’s no secret that adoption is not cheap; in fact, it is often one of the biggest barriers people face to becoming parents through adoption. Each adoption will vary in cost based on a number of factors, but it’s almost always a pretty penny. But where does the money go? Below, we take a look at what costs so much in an adoption so you can have an idea of exactly what you’re saving up for.

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a couple coping with post adoptive depression syndrome

Does Your State Allow Adoption Facilitators?

a couple coping with post adoptive depression syndromeAdoption facilitators offer an incredibly useful service; they specialize in making the initial connection between a birthmother and an adoptive family, using a number of tools to help ensure you find the right fit. They may use questionnaires, counseling, interviews, and more to help determine which birthmother and adoptive family are likely to make a good fit for each other. However, because facilitators are not licensed or regulated beyond basic business regulations, some states restrict their use.

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Adoptive Family

Adoption Privacy Laws

adoptive familyAdoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents often have a lot to say about adoption privacy laws. Some believe one side or the other deserves complete privacy, while others argue that adoptees deserve to know who their birth family is. Adoption laws are currently undergoing quite a few changes, which can make it difficult for those involved to know what their options are. Below are some of the current conditions to keep in mind.

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Problems with Birthparents

Adoptive Parent Hospital Guide

Problems with BirthparentsMany adoptive parents who are doing an infant adoption have a rose-tinted view of how the big day will go. They’ll get the call, be in the room during the birth, and be the first ones to hold their new baby. However, it’s important to remember the one working the hardest during all of this: the birthmother. Here are some tips about how to make your time at the hospital go smoothly for all involved.

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beauty baby photographer

Birthparent Communication Methods

beauty baby photographerNow that open adoptions are more common, secretive adoptions where the child and the birthmother have no knowledge of each other are, for many, a thing of the past. Instead, adoptive parents often communicate with the birthparents, sharing updates like photos and videos as the child grows. Below are some of the methods of communication you might consider setting up with your child’s birthparents.

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Meeting the Birthmother

birthmomWhen you’re thinking about the adoption process, there’s a lot of big moments to consider: the initial decision to adopt, finding that perfect birthmother, meeting your child for the first time. However, there are a lot of smaller moments mixed in there that, while you might not initially consider them, can cause substantial nerves once you’re facing them. One of those is meeting a birthmother for the first time. Below are some things to expect and consider as you get ready to meet a potential birthmother.

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newborn adoption quotes

Why Should I Adopt?

newborn adoption quotesThe decision to adopt a child into your family is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, and so it should certainly not be made lightly. Adoption isn’t right for everyone, but for those who it works well for, it is a life-changing event that they will always look back upon with gratitude. Below are five reasons you should consider adoption.

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movies about adoption

5 Famous Adoptees

movies about adoptionWe all like to have someone in the media to identify with, and adoptive families are no different. It can be inspiring to see adoptees who have gone on to live incredibly successful lives. Below are five celebrities who were adopted that might be inspirational or relatable for your adopted child. Read more about famous adoptive families here

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