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Category Archives: Adopting a Newborn Baby

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Torie, Michelle, Drayton and Birthmother Laura

4 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Open Adoption

Torie, Michelle, Drayton and Birthmother LauraOpen adoption is becoming increasingly common. Choosing this type of adoption has many benefits for everyone involved, but like any relationship, it requires conscious effort to be successful. There are different levels of openness in any open adoption, and it is up to the birthmother and the adoptive parents to set those boundaries for the benefit of the child. With a foundation of trust, respect, and communication, this can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Whether you are a birthmother or you are looking to adopt, there are some important points to remember in creating a healthy open adoption.

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considering adoption

Dear Birthmother: Writing the Perfect Letter

Questions to ask an adoption agencyBirthmothers often have many family profiles to evaluate before making their choice, so you want your letter to stand out. It’s the part of your profile that allows your personality and love to really shine through. So where do you start?

To take some of the stress out of crafting the right Dear Birthmother letter, try following some of these tips:

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Baby Toby McKenna Binder

Tips for Your First Birthmother Meeting

Baby Toby McKenna BinderMeeting a birthmother is perhaps one of the most stressful points in the adoption process. It can be a delicate situation in which you may be at a loss for what to say or how to act. While you are thrilled and excited about a new baby, it’s hard to know what she may be thinking or feeling. In open adoption, you are also making a lifelong connection with her as well as the baby, so it may feel as though there is an enormous pressure to start the relationship off on the right note.

At the same time, meeting a birthmother can be extremely positive. With the right approach, this meeting can set the stage for a mutually beneficial bond. Even if you don’t necessarily hit it off, it’s a learning experience that can help you in the future.

There are a few suggestions that can help make meeting a birthmother less nerve-wracking and more rewarding.

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Adoptive Siblings

8 Adoption Myths Busted

Adoptive SiblingsBringing a new child into your family is an amazing experience. Sadly, though, some families that are interested in adopting a child or are looking into adoption may become discouraged due to some common adoption myths. Here are some common adoption myths debunked to help you in your adoption process.

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Questions to ask an adoption agency

Prepping for a Home Study

considering adoptionIt’s completely understandable that the home study is one of the hardest parts of the adoption for a lot of people; it’s not necessarily difficult, but it does require some preparation. The actual home visit is not as invasive as many think, but it does help to take some time to make sure you have everything that the inspector will be looking for. Below are a few tips on how to prepare for your home study.

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5 Adopted Newborn Bonding Methods

iStock_000004398754SmallAs you move forward with the adoption process and begin to envision your first days at home with your child, you may be considering how to start bonding with your child. Traditional families are able to begin bonding with their child before it is even born, so many adoptive families feel at a disadvantage. However, there are several things you can do to help develop a bond with the child you adopt, helping both you and the child establish yourselves as a new family.

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Torie, Michelle, Drayton and Birthmother Laura

Benefits of Birthparent Contact

Torie, Michelle, Drayton and Birthmother LauraClosed adoptions were the most common adoption type, but in recent years open adoptions have far eclipsed them in number. There’s a reason for that — open adoptions have a number of benefits over their closed counterparts. Adoptees benefit from contact with their birthparents in a number of ways, as we discuss below.

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understanding your adoption financial assistance options

Adoption Costs Explained

understanding your adoption financial assistance optionsIt’s no secret that adoption is not cheap; in fact, it is often one of the biggest barriers people face to becoming parents through adoption. Each adoption will vary in cost based on a number of factors, but it’s almost always a pretty penny. But where does the money go? Below, we take a look at what costs so much in an adoption so you can have an idea of exactly what you’re saving up for.

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a couple coping with post adoptive depression syndrome

Does Your State Allow Adoption Facilitators?

a couple coping with post adoptive depression syndromeAdoption facilitators offer an incredibly useful service; they specialize in making the initial connection between a birthmother and an adoptive family, using a number of tools to help ensure you find the right fit. They may use questionnaires, counseling, interviews, and more to help determine which birthmother and adoptive family are likely to make a good fit for each other. However, because facilitators are not licensed or regulated beyond basic business regulations, some states restrict their use.

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Adoptive Family

Adoption Privacy Laws

adoptive familyAdoptees, birthparents, and adoptive parents often have a lot to say about adoption privacy laws. Some believe one side or the other deserves complete privacy, while others argue that adoptees deserve to know who their birth family is. Adoption laws are currently undergoing quite a few changes, which can make it difficult for those involved to know what their options are. Below are some of the current conditions to keep in mind.

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