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How to organize your adoption paperwork

How to Prepare for the Arrival of an Adopted Child

As we all know, going through the adoption process is a huge emotional and financial commitment, but the time will come when you will be chosen by a birthmother and your dreams of having a child will come true. Before your baby arrives, there will be many things you need to do to get yourself, your family, and your home ready. Preparing for a new baby’s arrival is no easy feat, but with proper planning you can get everything done that you need to so that when your new addition arrives, you can spend all of your quality time bonding and taking care of them. To help you be proactive in your preparation, we have created this quick guide to lend a helping hand as you get ready for your new baby.

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Exploring the Diversity Within the Adoption Community and the Importance of Inclusivity

When it comes to transracial adoption, diversity and inclusion are pivotal topics. Every individual comes from a different background, and when it comes to adoption, culture and diversity are often at the centerpiece of considerations for adoptive families and birthmothers. As an adoption professional who intrinsically values diversity and inclusion as a part of our mission, this discussion is important to us. 

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Adoption Preparation Checklist for Adoptive Parents

If you are contemplating adoption as an option for building your family, then you already know it is not a consideration that comes lightly. Adoption is a lengthy process that takes a lot of research, preparation, and even introspection. We understand that getting started can feel intimidating, so we suggest getting started with an adoption preparation checklist so it is less overwhelming. Here are some things you should consider as you are researching all things adoption and working through your adoption preparation checklist.

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Adoption for Hopeful Parents

If you are considering adoption as a way to achieve your dream of growing your family, you may be weighing the pros and cons of going through the adoption process. You may also be wondering about the tough questions when it comes to adoption, such as why do some people not go through with adoption and why do some adoptions fail? Bringing a child into your home through adoption is not a decision that should be made lightly; therefore, before going through with it, it is important to have a realistic understanding of the process.

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Discover 9 Common Myths About The Adoption Home Study Process

Open Adoption: Is it Confusing for Adoptees?

adoptive familyThe decision of whether or not to maintain an open adoption may weigh heavily on the minds of both the adoptive and birth parents. While this arrangement may, at times, seem like it could be confusing for the child, recent research shows that it actually has the opposite effect. The children of open adoptions seem perfectly capable of understanding the different roles that their adoptive and their biological parents play in their lives. However, no two adoptions are exactly the same and there are a few actions you can take to help the child understand and adjust.
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5 Considerations About Transracial Adoption

Adopting a child is a life-changing experience that comes with a unique set of challenges and joys. Transracial adoption can be particularly complex, as it involves an additional set of nuances that adoptive parents must navigate. If you are considering transracial adoption, you should first ask yourself these five questions to ensure you’re prepared to give your child the best upbringing possible: 
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Baby Girl Arvella

8 Adoption Myths Dispelled

Baby Girl ArvellaToday’s media is flooded with too many horrifying stories about adoption. Some of these stories are capable of deterring your plans of adopting a child and building an amazing family. The plain truth is that the majority of such stories are nothing but adoption myths fabricated by people in the media space to attract a lot of traffic and viewers to their websites, blogs, and vlogs.
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curious crawling baby

Birth Moms Looking For Adoptive Parents

Birth Mothers Looking For Adoptive ParentsMany hopeful adoptive parents begin to plan their financial affairs, research adoption agencies, and read up on open adoption after deciding that they wish to expand their families through adoption. The most common question in the minds of such prospective adoptive parents when they draft their adoption profile is: what are birth mothers looking for in adoptive parents? Continue reading

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