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Adopting a Newborn Baby

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Adoption home study social worker holding a form

Connecting with Your Adopted Teen or Tween

Adoption home study social worker holding a formParenting teens and tweens is one of the most important responsibilities in any parent’s life. This period is where the child’s individual identity is formed, separate from their parents, as they take their first steps into the adult world. This can be a very challenging time for teens and tweens both on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Teenagers must face great change due to hormones, outside influences, and more, but with an added history of adoption, the art of parenting teens and tweens can become quite a challenge for some. 

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considering adoption

Creating Your Perfect Adoptive Parent Profile

considering adoptionOne of the most important step in the adoption process for any prospective parent is the creation of an adoptive parent profile. This document is essential to create a successful match with a birth mother who is considering placing her child for adoption. This means that your adoptive parent profile needs to be created in a way which is compelling and true. 

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which adoption type is best for you

How to Avoid Adoption Scams

which adoption type is best for youAdoption is an emotional journey which can be the culmination of a couple’s dream to have a child. Sadly, this emotional vulnerability means that adoption scams are popular. While rare, adoption scams do happen, so you need to be aware of the warning signs.

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which adoption type is best for you

Adoption Risk Factors: Is This the Right Match for You?

which adoption type is best for youAdoption is never something that should be rushed into. While the process of being accepted as prospective adoptive parents can be long, sometimes being matched can be very quick. This can leave parents swept up in the chaos on excitement of potentially welcoming a child into their home and can lead to hasty decisions which can increase the risk of adoption failure. Therefore, in this article we’ll be exploring all the things you should consider when it comes to making an adoption match including potential risk factors. 

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Adoptive Family

From Birth Mom to You: What She Wants You to Know

#ShoutYourAdoptionNo matter the type of adoption: domestic, international, or foster care, or whether its open, semi-open, or closed, placing a child for adoption is the most difficult time in any mothers life. This decision is often made out of tough circumstances and is a selfless sacrifice of love for their child and should never be forgotten or taken for granted by adoptive parents. In this article we’ll be giving a voice to birth mothers and telling you the things they want adoptive parents to know.

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Angel Adoptive Parents Robert & Sam

Handling Disagreements with Birth Parents in an Open Adoption

Angel Adoptive Parents Robert & SamAttitudes and ‘trends’ in adoption tend to change with different societal options. Where previous decades saw closed adoption as well as international adoption as popular, in recent years there has been a noticeable spike in open adoptions. This style of adoption does have some big benefits for both sides of the adoption process, but can also have some drawbacks or challenges which need to be successfully navigated.

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Adoptive Siblings

Adoptions Across State Lines

Adoptive SiblingsEmbarking on the journey to adopt a child is an exciting one. It is also a journey that will require research, assistance, and patience. Below you will find some general information about domestic adoption and some things to consider before deciding which adoption route you plan to take. 

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adoptive family preparing for adoption application

Finding Your Adoption Agency

adoptive family preparing for adoption applicationFinding the perfect match between birth mother and adoptive parent(s) can be highly dependent upon finding the right adoption agency for you. An ideal adoption agency should understand your wants, needs, and requirements, as well as handle the adoption process with the care and sensitivity it deserves, helping both the birth mother in her time of need, as well as supporting prospective families through regular updates, counseling, and information.  

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adoptive family

Developing Attachment After Adoption

adoptive familyCreating an attachment with your adopted child is crucial, but it can be a hard thing to do. There are many fun and simple ways to help you build a healthy relationship. Forming a bond can take some time. Don’t anticipate that there will be an instant connection. It is important to be patient and set small goals. In some cases, it can happen quickly, but in others, it can take a couple of years. It all depends on the child.

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