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Adopting a Newborn Baby

Category Archives: Adopting a Newborn Baby

Adopt a newborn baby with Angel Adoption! Learn about adopting a newborn baby and start the adoption process today with Angel Adoption.

baby Berkley

3 Home Study Myths

baby BerkleyAs your family goes through the adoption process, it’s important to understand everything that it entails and how best to be prepared. There are some tricky aspects of this process, and it’s best to have all of the information going into it so you know what’s going to happen. One of the scarier parts of the process for many families is the home study,  when a social worker comes directly to your house and checks to make sure that it is safe and acceptable for children.

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adoptive parents with baby

3 Important Facts About Domestic Adoption

adoptive parents with babyAdoption is a big step, but it is a fundamentally rewarding one for both the child and the parents. Along with the adoption process, however, come some potentially difficult decisions, like whether to do an international or domestic adoption. Both have their pros and cons, and have a lot to do with the needs of both the family and the child in question. That’s why it’s important to have all the facts before moving forward.

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considering adoption

Write a Great Adoptive Family Profile with These 4 Tips

considering adoptionAs you begin the adoption process, you will likely be asked to write a family profile. This profile is intended to be a snapshot of you–the parent(s), any other children, or any other important people in your life–and your likes, dislikes, and values. Essentially, this profile provides the potential birthmother with details about your family and how you plan to raise a child. Like a resume, it’s possible that the birth mother will review many family profiles, so it’s important to really take the time to write this piece and make sure that your personality–and the personality of other family members–truly shine, and that it’s clear that you are prepared to offer a wonderful life for a child.

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positive adoption language

Adopting as a Single Parent

positive adoption languageThe idea of a family consisting of a mother, father, and children is not necessarily accurate in today’s modern world. It is now common and widely accepted for a single person to start a family and for that individual to provide for themselves and their dependent. It can be financially possible and responsible to consider starting a family as a single person. As the family unit continues to evolve, there shouldn’t be any stigma connected to adopting as a single parent. Here are some steps that are essential for a successful adoption as a single parent.

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Sleeping Baby Boy - Adoption Myths

Choosing Open vs. Closed Adoption

Sleeping Baby Boy - Adoption MythsNow that you are starting the adoption process, there are several things to consider. Birthmothers choose the kind of adoption they want, whether it is open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. While you might prefer one adoption type over another, you should keep an open mind in case the birthmother who chooses you wants to go with a different kind of adoption. Here are some details about the different kinds of adoption, so you can make informed decisions.

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adoptive family profile

Should I Opt For Fertility Treatments or Adoption?

adoptive family profileIf you want children but have trouble conceiving naturally, you will be faced with the choice of either undergoing fertility treatments or adopting. Regardless of the approach you choose to become a parent, it can be a trying and stressful time. Both require a lot of patience and dedication, and with either you can experience heartbreak, with adoptions that don’t go through or fertility treatments that fail to result in pregnancy. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

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positive adoption language

Adoption Stress Coping Tips

positive adoption languageIt is an exciting time when you and your partner to decide to add to your family with adoption. As you start to get fully into the process, you may be finding yourself or your partner with a lot of stress. The stress can be felt at any point in the adoption process, whether you’re just now starting out or nearing your birthmother’s due date. It can be difficult to deal with emotionally, because most of the process is out of your hands and it involves a lot of waiting.

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