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How it All Began...

I chose to place my son for adoption because I knew I wasn't financially capable. I was still very young and there was a lot of stress on my plate. I knew I couldn't give him the life he deserved.

How did Angel Adoption help you choose adoption?

They sent me a lot of helpful information packets.

What were your concerns going into the adoption process?

My concerns were regretting my decision, being lied to, and not being able to stay in touch over the years.

What helped ease your concerns while going through the adoption process?

I had a wonderful law firm that helped me through my issues. I also had counselling and great support groups, even if it wasn't people I knew.

How did Angel Adoption help you through the adoption process?

Angel Adoption kept checking on me and making sure the family I chose for my son was to my liking.

What were you looking for in an adoptive family?

I was looking for someone who would love my son unconditionally and give him the best life in the world and I think I made a great decision.

How did your baby's adoptive family help you through the adoption process?

They helped a lot financially and they were a huge support group for me.

What type of adoption did you choose, and why?

Open adoption because I wanted to be involved with my son and get updates.

Describe your thoughts and emotions before and after the baby's birth.

I was worried a lot before that baby came, with doubts and crying. Afterwards it was a huge relief. Again, I made a great decision.

What are you looking forward to now that the adoption process is completed?

Moving on with my life, keeping in contact, and getting myself together. If it wasn't for the adoptive family, I wouldn't be getting anywhere.

What advice would you give to other pregnant women who are considering adoption?

If you can’t support your child financially or emotionally, adoption is the way to go. Never do abortion, they deserve an amazing life and giving a miracle to a family is great!