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How it All Began...

I decided to place my baby for adoption because at the time I already had four children and I was not financially stable. I didn’t feel it would be fair to my son to bring him into an environment where he couldn’t have the best chance at life.

How did Angel Adoption help you choose adoption?

Samantha was wonderful and very respectful of my wishes. If there was ever a concern or problem, she was there along with Angel Adoption to help me in any way. I am forever grateful for Angel Adoption.

What were your concerns going into the adoption process?

When I chose adoption I had all these thoughts, like what if I don’t find the right family or what if one day they decide they don’t want me in my child’s life? My biggest concern was even what if they decide years later they didn’t want my child anymore. Would they always love him like I would love him as their own.

What helped ease your concerns while going through the adoption process?

I was able to pick this wonderful couple, talk to them, and get to know them through the process. I was able to ask questions and gain an understanding of who they were as a couple, but also as individuals. They were very supportive, and if I needed anything they were right there for me.

How did Angel Adoption help you through the adoption process?

They made something that sounds so difficult and heart wrenching easy and put my mind to rest. When I couldn’t find the family I felt fit, Angel Adoption sent me more families to choose from. I never felt rushed.

How did your baby's adoptive family help you through the adoption process?

They were so kind and sweet. When they came to the hospital, they made me feel at ease. They didn’t come and try to take over. They respected that I was the mother and allowed me to be just that. We laughed and cried together.

What type of adoption did you choose, and why?

I chose a open adoption. I felt it fit best that my child knows who I am along with his siblings and family. I love my child no matter what decision I would have ended up making, and I want him to know that. I also want to see him grow up into a wonderful man.

Describe your thoughts and emotions before and after the baby's birth.

I found myself trying to detach from my feelings and emotions. I didn’t want to think about everything because I knew I would get overwhelmed. When I had my son, at first I was a little distant, but after some time I started to get emotional. I was crying because I knew he couldn’t go home with me, but also I cried tears of joy knowing that I had picked this couple that loved him and had only just met him.

What are you looking forward to now that the adoption process is completed?

I’m looking forward to where this journey will lead. I will visit my son and he will come visit me. I’m excited to see him grow. I have a new extended family that I’m looking forward to making new memories with.

What advice would you give to other pregnant women who are considering adoption?

No one says it won't be scary or emotional, but it will all be worth it in the end. Don’t think of adoption as losing a child, but rather gaining a family and blessing some people out there with your baby who will love and cherish him or her with the purest love there is.