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How it All Began...

Hello my name is Stacey A. I just turned 30 this year in April. I remember the day I contacted Angel Adoption I was terrified and stressed. I say that because I am a rape victim. I didn’t want to abort my child, but I knew I couldn’t keep him. Angel Adoption responded back to me really quickly and helped me make the best decision ever.

When I was sent the packet of all the parents wanting to adopt one family stuck out. Sam and Robert were the parents I chose.They reached out to me and made sure my pregnancy went smooth. As the days passed by, I was more relaxed with the decision I made. The day I went into labor was the hardest day for me. As soon as I gave birth to my son, the nurses placed him in my arms. When I looked into his eyes I told him I loved him and I was doing what was best.

As the days pass by, I tell myself it’s going to be ok. Sam and Robert keep me updated with pictures and texts of my baby boy. It reassures me I did make a great decision. I didn’t give up my baby because I didn’t want him, I wanted to make sure he was safe and had a loving family. I still and always will love my son. However I am forever grateful he is blessed to have such wonderful parents. Writing my story actually helps me mentally and emotionally, and I am thankful to have such supportive people by my side within Angel Adoption.