Open Adoption: Benefits & Challenges

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, there’s a good chance you already Is Open Adoption Right For You? Learn the benefits and challenges of open adoption.know a little bit about open adoption – or have at least heard the term. Open adoption has become increasingly popular amongst birthparents and adoptive families alike. Why? Because open adoption presents attractive benefits for both sets of families.
Typical Elements of Open Adoption

The birth parents and prospective adoptive families have a chance to meet

  • The expectant parents and adoptive parents share identifying information
  • There is often regular contact between the birthmother and adoptive family throughout the pregnancy
  • There is direct contact between the birth and adoptive family via telephone, email, written letters and visits after placement
  • The birthparents have the opportunity to see their child grow up via face-to-face contact

Advantages of Open Adoption
All parties involved in an open adoption are able to communicate directly, without a third party. This allows a relationship between the birthmother and adoptive parents to develop naturally. An open adoption makes it easy for the birthmother and adoptive parents to exchange information and answer questions when needed. An open adoption is particularly advantageous for the birthmother as she is granted the opportunity to be involved in her child’s life. This results in the adopted child having a better understanding of his/her adoption and where he/she came from.

Challenges of Open Adoption
While an open adoption proves beneficial on many levels, there are defined boundaries. A clear and healthy understanding of these boundaries is essential to maintaing a successful open adoption. When committing to an open adoption you are committing to an agreed upon level of openness with the adoptive family. This is an official agreement that cannot be changed. An open adoption doesn’t translate into co-parenting, and this may be difficult for the birthmother to accept.

Angel Adoption encourages birthmothers and adoptive families to consider both open adoption and closed adoption before committing to an adoption plan. Our door is always open to discuss options. Whether you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or hoping to expand your family through adoption, Angel Adoption is waiting to hear from you.

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