Top 10 Birthmother Q & As

One of the most rewarding parts of being a part of Angel Adoption is the opportunity to work with birthmothers. We assist these women in creating an adoption plan, choosing a family, receiving financial aid, adoption counseling and anything else she may need. We work hard to provide our birthmothers with the information they need to make the best decision. Of course that involves answering any and all of their questions.

From the adoption counselors at Angel Adoption, here are the Top 10 questions and answers from birthmothers.

What do I get to decide about the adoption?

Birthmothers have the opportunity to have as little or as much involvement in the adoption as they choose. This includes choosing the adoptive family, choosing the type of adoption (open or closed), deciding who will be at the hospital with you and what level of contact you wish to have with the adoptive family during and after pregnancy.

What is the difference between a closed adoption and an open adoption?

Angel Adoption typically works with open adoptions and closed adoptions. An open adoption is a form of adoption in which the birthparents and adoptive family have access to varying degrees of each other’s personal information (names, phone numbers, email addresses) and maintain some sort of contact or relationship after the adoption is final (letters, phone calls, emails, photo updates, in person visits). How often you see or speak to the adoptive family will depend on the agreement made between you, the adoptive family and your adoption attorney. A closed adoption is just the opposite. Personal information between the birthparents and adoptive family is kept completely anonymous and there is no contact during or after the adoption process.

Can I choose the adoptive parents?

Yes! Angel Adoption encourages all birthmothers to have an active role in choosing the adoptive family for their child. We work with many adoptive families who are qualified to adopt in the United States. Each adoptive family we work with has an adoptive family profile which are available for all birthmothers to review.

Can I meet the adoptive family?

Birthparents have the opportunity to meet the adoptive family when they choose to pursue an open adoption. Your adoption counselor will facilitate the initial meeting. In some cases, however, birthparents and adoptive families choose to only have contact over the phone. The circumstances vary with each adoption.

Will my child know about his or her adoption?

Yes. How and when your child discovers he or she is adopted is entirely up to the adoptive family.

Can I receive help with medical expenses?

Absolutely. Angel Adoption provides medical assistance to all birthmothers at no cost.

Will my child understand my decision?

It is Angel Adoption’s hope that every child will be accepting of your decision to choose adoption. Research shows that the majority of adopted children respect their biological parents’ choice and live happy and healthy lives.

How will I feel after the adoption?

We cannot pinpoint one particular emotion birthmothers experience after adoption. The post adoption experience is also different for every birthmother. You may experience an array of emotions that at times will be good and other times be difficult.

Are there birthmother support groups?

Yes. Both online and physical birthmother support groups are available. Ask your adoption counselor about joining a group in your area.

What if I change my mind and decide to parent?

It is not uncommon that a birthmother chooses to parent after starting the adoption process. While a disappointment for the adoptive family, every birthmother has the right to choose parenthood. The adoptive family will be notified and have a chance to make a connection with another birthmother.

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