Why do Birthmothers Consider Adoption?

Why expectant mothers choose adoption

Expectant mothers considering adoption come from a diverse range of backgrounds and circumstances. Their reasoning for deciding on adoption placement greatly varies from birth mother to birth mother. In this article, we’ll discuss who the expectant mothers considering adoption placement are, as well as the factors that influence an expectant mother and her partner’s decision to place for adoption.

Who are the Expectant Mothers who Choose Adoption Placement?

A common but false stereotype of expectant mothers considering adoption placement is they are young, unwed, and financially unstable. Birth mothers considering adoption come from all walks of life and a wide spectrum of circumstances. They vary in age, marital status and economic status. Some expectant mothers considering adoption are women in their 40’s. In some cases, the birth mother has other children in her care. Each birth mother is working with a different set of circumstances that led her to the decision of adoptive placement. But as we’ll discuss in this article, there is one factor in common among all birth mothers considering adoption.

Factors that Influence an Expectant Mother’s Decision for Adoption Placement

There are many possible factors that could influence an expectant mother’s decision to place her baby for adoption. Many women choose adoption because they do not feel ready or able to raise a child and believe the child would have the best opportunity to thrive in an adoptive parent home. By making this decision, expectant mothers are putting their baby’s best interests above their own by giving them a life the birth parents could otherwise not provide.

In many cases, the expectant mother is not prepared financially to raise a child or may be living in an unstable environment that would be detrimental to the child. For example, some birth mothers considering adoption are in a domestically abusive environment they do not want to bring the child into. In other circumstances, the child’s father is absent and the birth mother wants the child to grow up in a home with two loving parents. Some birth mothers experienced sexual assault, and alongside professional counseling, have made the decision for adoption placement as the best option for their baby. In some cases, the birth mother has other children in her care and is unable to provide for an additional child because of financial or environmental circumstances.

By choosing adoption, birth mothers can ensure their child will have their basic needs met and a stable environment provided for them where their child can flourish. Adoptive homes can provide proper healthcare, an education, and better opportunities for the child that their birth parents would have struggled to provide for them.

While financial hardship and environmental factors tend to be the main reasons expectant mothers choose adoption placement, there are other reasons as well. Some expectant mothers have career goals or experience major life events that can influence their decision to place for adoption.

Regardless of an expectant mother’s reason for considering adoption, one factor remains consistent among all birth mothers: They want to give their baby the best life possible. 

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