What do Expectant Women Look for in Adoptive Parents?

iStock_000000930817XSmallFor many expectant women, placing their baby with an adoptive parent(s), can be the most difficult decision they ever have to make. There are many reasons why a woman may choose adoption, but ultimately it is a decision born out of love for the child, which no prospective adoptive parents should overlook. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the key factors looked for when placing their baby.


If you are more mature prospective parents, it may surprise you to know that typically age is not a limiting factor to your adoption success. So long as you a financially stable, and can offer a warm, loving home, parents in their forties and fifties are just as likely to be accepted as parents in their late twenties or early thirties. It all depends on the expectant mother’s outlook and perspective.

Marital Status

Again, this is a factor highly dependent on the expectant woman’s personal perception of what the ideal family for her baby to be raised within is. If she herself was raised by married parents, she may be looking for the same parenting dynamics for the child. However, with modern opinions on marriage shifting in recent decades, being unwed has very little impact on your chances. Typically, however, if you are a single parent, it may take longer to be accepted, and sadly, if you are a single dad, it may take even longer, due to outdated preconceptions regarding nurturing.


While creating potential difficulties within your adoption journey, having a long term health condition does not exclude you from the chance of adoptive parenthood. Having a fit and healthy partner for example, or a strong support network within your family is often enough to put expectant mothers minds’ at ease regarding your longevity and parenting ability. Smoking, however, may exclude you from being chosen by many mothers, due not only to the impact it may have on your lifespan, but also the health impacts smoking around the child may hold.

Love Prevails

Overall, what really matters to expectant women is the love, care, and respect you’ll show her baby. While she may originally have a specific type of parent or parents in mind, if you’re like-minded and your personality shines through, it may not matter what your age, your marital status, your health status, or your sexual orientation is. After all, a woman choosing to place her child with adoptive parents is a decision of love, and if you can show to her that you have your own heart full of love to give, acceptance may just be around the corner.

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