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Prenatal Care – A Guide for Birthmothers

Problems with BirthparentsA healthy pregnancy doesn’t include just going to your prenatal appointments with your doctor. It includes a lot of things, and a lot of effort is sometimes needed to get through it. It entails proper nutrition during pregnancy, adequate physical activity and making some simple lifestyle changes. Here are three things you should know if you are a birthmother looking at prenatal care.

What to expect from your doctor?

Prenatal care is helpful to a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor will ensure that your pregnancy is progressing as it should and screen you for complications. Initially, your appointments will be scheduled once a month. When you are about seven months along your doctor will begin to see you more frequently. Through the seventh and eighth month, you should expect to be seen every two weeks. Once you reach the ninth month you will be seen weekly. If you are high risk or a complication is detected, you will be seen more often from an earlier point.

What changes to make to your lifestyle?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is a good chance you may have a few lifestyle changes to make. First and foremost, you need to cut out all smoking and alcohol consumption. You have to remember that everything you consume your baby consumes. Substance abuse, be it alcohol, smoking or illegal drugs, can be very damaging to a developing fetus. Not to mention it may also lead to complications during labor and delivery. If you have a problem with substance abuse and cannot quit on your own, it is essential that you ask for help immediately.

What about nutrition?

One of the very first things your doctor or healthcare provider will discuss with you during your prenatal appointments is nutrition. Good nutrition during pregnancy is essential to a healthy pregnancy and baby. Proper nutrition during pregnancy is more in-depth than one might think. You see, there are foods that people should avoid like certain fish, dairy and deli items. In addition to this, you need to make sure to eat a balanced diet with a high enough calorie intake for you and your baby. You will probably be prescribed a prenatal vitamin supplement as well.

A healthy pregnancy is important not just for your baby but for you. It reduces your risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery, along with ensuring your ability to conceive and have children in the future. Once you know what proper prenatal care entails, you can take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy.