5 Questions to Ask When Considering Single Parent Adoption

positive adoption languageThe idea of the two-parent family has long been ubiquitous in society, but many successful single-parent families have helped to show that there is no formula for what makes a healthy and happy family. No one family looks the same, and as a single person ready to start your own, adoption may be the perfect course of action.

However, if single-parent adoption has been on your mind, there may be many questions and concerns that have been weighing on your mind, such as how will my family operate outside of the traditional nuclear family framework? This article is intended to help you in your journey, determine if adoption is right for you and give you some guidance on making sure your family is as loving and enriching as possible.

Let’s make sure you are equipped to handle the serious undertaking of starting a family. You’ll want to be able to answer the following questions so you can move forward to adoption!

Will I have enough time for raising a child?

It may be easy to think of the amazing times that will come with raising a child, but you’ll need to make sure you’re there for all the hard times and late nights too. Think about your work schedule, your school schedule, how much time you’d like to spend with family and friends and reflect on if adopting a child will allow you to put time towards these things while adding childrearing to the mix. Balance is key and is crucial to a successful family.

Am I financially ready for adoption?

Adoption is a significant financial commitment that you need to be prepared for. Do some research and talk with adoption experts to see if your financial situation will be adequate for giving your child a safe and healthy life. Most adoption agencies require that parents, at a minimum, have an income above the federal poverty level. In addition, a private domestic adoption will normally cost around $35,000–$50,000.

Do I have a support system in place?

Having a close-knit group of friends, family and supporters who will be there in thick and thin is one of the most important keys to maintaining your own emotional and mental health throughout the adoption process. Adoption as well as raising a child can be very stressful and demanding at times, so you will need people who will be able to help you when times get tough. Try to find other single parents who have adopted so that they can offer you advice and support — there’s plenty of blogs online to help you too.

Who will be my child’s guardian?

Make sure you choose someone you can trust and that you have known for a significant period of time to be your child’s guardian. If something unfortunate were to occur, you want to be sure that your child will be in good hands.

What adoption agency should I choose?

Adoption agencies are there to help you throughout the adoption process. Do your research on which ones specialize in the type of adoption you are considering — domestic, international, etc. — and decide which is best for you. We recommend sitting down and having a conversation with a representative from any agencies you may choose. 

Single-parent adoption need not have any stigma around it, as both single parents and adoptive parents can be amazing parents who love and support their children. Make sure you are taking steps to provide a great life for your children!

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