How to Organize Your Adoption Paperwork

How to organize your adoption paperworkIf you find yourself digging through your house to find that one particular form, it means it’s definitely the time to organize your adoption paperwork. It’s vital to have a copy of every single document of your adoption paperwork. Sometimes you need the same documents for different stages in the process, so it’s better to be prepared in advance. Here are some useful tips on how to organize your adoption paperwork.
This is the first essential you’ll need in order to stay organized. This is also important since you should never let a piece of your adoption paperwork leave your home before you make a copy. You can also scan your documents and use online cloud-based solutions to store your paperwork. You can try saving everything to your computer, but then you’ll need to do a proper backup so nothing gets lost.
Binders are still the best way to stay organized. Since you don’t want a ton of binders, you’ll need to organize them as well. When you organize everything into sections, it’s going to be easier to find forms and the paperwork later on. If you want a well organized binder, it’s important to divide it into different sections for the different stages of the process. Here are a few suggestions for the binder sections you can start with.

Adoption Agency Information

Here you can keep all information about the adoption agency or professional you’re working with. This section should include a copy of your adoption application, copies of all the paperwork you’ve completed, and a copy of your adoptive family profile.


Every time you spend money on something related to adoption, you need to write that down. Not only that you need to do this for yourself, it’s also important for tax purposes. Keep track of all expenses related to travel and all birthmother expenses as well.

Home Study and Completed Home Study

A home study involves a lot of paperwork, so be sure to save copies of all the forms involved in this process, including all the documentation you provided the social worker.

Birthparent Information

Include all the information you have on the birthparents you’ve been connected with, including copies of all the communication exchanged with them.

Lawyer and Social Worker

It’s a good idea to organize all the paperwork that was given to you by your lawyer and social worker. This can also include other documentation from professionals you have dealt with during the adoption process. Don’t forget to make copies of any paperwork you completed for your lawyer and social worker.

Adoption Finalization

The adoption finalization includes a lot of paperwork too. You’ll likely receive paperwork from the court finalization process, which you can store here. You can also keep a copy of your child’s birth certificate, medical insurance, your will, and all the other information about the legal finalization of your adoption process.

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