Why do Birthmothers Choose Adoption?

Woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy

If you are expecting and considering placing your child for adoption, you have a lot to consider. In many cases, it can be helpful to understand those before you have chosen adoption. Below are some of the most common reasons why others have chosen adoption.

A Lack of Financial Resources

Every parent wants the best for their child, but sometimes a birth mother realizes that she simply doesn’t have the financial resources to support another person. When it comes to the considerations of raising a child, this is one of the largest factors. Some women choose adoption because they hope that their child will benefit from better living conditions than they can provide.

Health Problems

It is entirely possible that a birth mother may have underlying medical issues that can affect different aspects of life. Whether it is a physical disability, mental illness, or some other condition, some women become aware that they cannot safely care for their child in the long-term. Placing their child for adoption can be an appealing alternative in this situation.

Not Ready For a Child

Regardless of age, some women may not feel capable of caring for their child. Whether it is an unexpected pregnancy or not, the feeling of being unprepared to be a parent is daunting. You can be young or old and not feel prepared to take on a child. Feeling ill-equipped to care for the child or not prepared as a potential parent is another large reason children may be placed for adoption. 

No Support

Another common reason women choose adoption is if she is not receiving support from her partner, friends, or family. It can be difficult to raise a child without this support and providing the child with a supportive network through adoption is sometimes seen as a better option.

Single Parenting

Sometimes the partner of the birth mother is not in the picture anymore and is not willing to support her in raising the child. Having a lack of financial and moral support from those around you can make being a single parent a difficult task. Women may choose adoption in the hope that their child will end up in a two-parent household that can provide more for them.


There are a number of reasons women may choose adoption for their child. From financial issues to health issues, adoption often has the potential to give your child a better life. Regardless of the exact reason, adoption is a very viable option for any pregnant woman considering her options. The most important thing is to consider all your options and decide what is best for your life and the future.

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