Making Peace with Infertility: Close the Chapter by Choosing Adoption

Infertile couple giving a bribeWhen starting a family is something you really want, being unable to conceive can be heartbreaking. In order to achieve their goals of getting pregnant, many couples go through a series of medical treatments. But what to do if none of it works? In this post, we will give you some tips on how to deal with infertility and when it might be right to start considering adoption.
Looking at infertility objectively.
It is normal to feel like this is happening only to you, but the truth is quite different. It is estimated that one in six couples are dealing with infertility every year. That makes for a lot of individuals who are struggling with the exact same thing you might be going through. More specifically, it is more than five million people in childbearing age in the United States only. On the bright side, the majority of couples manage to survive the infertility crisis, especially when they realize pregnancy is not the only pathway to parenthood. To make it even better, some say that this has even deepened their relationship.
Coming to terms with infertility.
After finding out about infertility and before considering adoption, it is not uncommon for several years to go by as prospective parents struggle with medical treatments and loss. Even once every option has been dismissed, it can be very hard to move on. But there are several things you can do to help yourself come to terms with infertility.
The first step is to understand that your feelings are completely normal. Allow yourself to feel angry and sad. Try not to bottle up your feelings since that won’t do any good to you or your partner.
Share your questions and fears by talking with your fertility specialist or with people who have gone through the same. If they believe you should stop trying to get pregnant, they are probably right. The best thing to do would be to listen to their advice.
And last but not least, work as a team with your partner and do not blame each other for your difficulties. In these kinds of situations, emotional support is crucial. If you make sure to take care of each other properly, you unite to fight the problem.
 Shifting your focus to adoption.
Adoption after infertility means a redefinition of your concepts about starting a family. The chances of building a family through adoption are quite high, but entering this new mindset can be hard for some couples. Try to answer these questions to determine if you are ready to stop your treatments and start thinking about the adoption.

  •      Is it difficult for you to start a new cycle of treatments?
  •      Do you feel like you’ve put your life on hold in order to pursue parenthood?
  •      Is your relationship suffering?
  •      Is the idea of being a parent more important to you than being pregnant?

If you are saying yes to all or most of these questions, it might be time to start considering adoption as your next step. In the end, your child will make you happy no matter how it comes into your life.

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