Single and Hoping to Adopt? 7 Single Parent Adoption Tips

adoptive mother and childUnfortunately, information about single parent adoption tends to be patronizing. Single parents hoping to adopt a baby are often presented with warnings about how the adoption is going to be hard or complicated. While adoption is a long, emotional, and difficult process with its ups and downs for every person who goes through it, somehow it seems unfair to think that single parent adoptions are different from couple adoptions since the essence in both cases is a noble goal of creating a family. In order to take the pressure off of single parents hoping to adopt, here are some tips on single parent adoption!
Do your research. Prepare a list of adoption agencies that welcome single parent adoptions. Choosing the right agency can mean a lot since people from your agency are going to be your companions during this wonderful journey. Angel Adoption wholeheartedly supports single parent adoption, and has a history of many successful single parent adoptions.
Choose the right adoption type for you. The type of adoption you choose is an important decision. You can choose to have an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or a closed adoption, so explore each type as much as possible before making your decision.
Build a support system. Create a close network of friends, family, and other parents who can offer you help and support. It is getting much easier to meet other single parents nowadays since there are many blogs, forums, and support groups, so take these chances and find someone else who has completed the adoption process as a single parent. Hearing about a variety of experiences can help you control your situation without much stress.
Arrange a guardian for emergencies. When unexpected situations arise, you’ll need to make sure that your child is in good hands. For times like these, be sure you have someone you can count on to watch your child. Ask your best friend or someone else from your family circle to be this person for you. The situation may be something simple, like you being stuck at work and not able to pick up your child from school. In such cases, you can ask this person for help.
Disregard the “traditional” view. Regardless of how common single parenting by choice is nowadays, the “traditional” view on parenting — that a child needs two parents — is still present in our society. If people don’t understand your decision, it may be hard to convince them that you know what you are doing. You should be strong and never let people around you tear you down. If adoption is your choice and goal, then don’t let people influence your decision. Just remember that once your child arrives, some of your friends are going to end up very involved and caring.
Consider your career path. As a single parent, chances are that you are going to have to work while raising your child. Think about your current work schedule and your future career goals, because these things should be taken care of before the adoption. Talk to your employer about a healthy work-life balance, and find out about your chances for health and adoption benefits.
Assess your finances. Do some research and make a plan for everything in your future, including your finances. It is important to ensure that you are going to be able to financially support your child, beyond the cost of adoption itself. Show your agency and the home study evaluator that you have prepared for every aspect of the adoption process.
Nationally, there is about 22 million children growing up in single-parent households and these numbers are getting higher every year. Just remember that you too can become a part of this positive statistics, so be brave and persistent.

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