5 Nesting Tips for Adoptive Moms

adoptive momAdoptive moms may not themselves be pregnant, but they are still expecting their baby. Preparing for your baby’s arrival demands a lot of dedicated work, but it can also be fun! If you are hoping to adopt or you are getting ready to adopt, here are some nesting tips for you.
1. Begin building your nest. 
It might seem scary to start building a nest for a child you don’t have yet, but it’s perfectly healthy and normal. The first sign of nesting is usually when you feel the need to buy toys, nursery supplies, or clothes for your child. Nesting is basically preparing your home for your adopted child. Everything from making space for a nursery to buying things to furnish it means you are nesting, and there shouldn’t be anything scary about it because it’s your instincts telling you these things need to be done.
2. Nesting is a good distraction. 
The adoption process can be long, and the purpose of nesting is not just clearing up and making space for the baby, but it also serves as a great way to distract you from the anxiety that comes along with waiting. The key to staying calm during that time is to stay busy.
3. Be rational. 
A lot of parents find out that there are weird side effects to nesting. Suddenly, nothing feels right with your house and you start planning to tear down the walls and the roof. This sort of extreme reaction is completely normal since you feel like you have to do everything right away because once the baby comes there isn’t going to be time. So, it is normal to think it is now or never. If this happens to you, try to be rational and even make your own to do list. Change only what needs to be changed, because you are welcoming your child into a loving and caring family and that is the only thing that really matters, not the size and appearance of your house.
4. Learn about your emotions.
Use this nesting time to prepare emotionally for your baby’s arrival. Be thankful for the time you have since you can do a lot to prepare before your child is placed into your care. You know what kind of mom you want to be, but it is important to repeat that to yourself every day. Create a supportive network and learn something new about childcare every day. Not only will this make you feel better, it is also going to be useful when your baby arrives.
5. Be patient. 
Learn how to be patient because raising a child requires patience as much as it requires love and care. The nesting time is the perfect time to prepare everything you need for your child and also to prepare yourself emotionally to become a parent.
The nesting instinct is normal for adoptive moms, and these nesting tips might just help you to focus on important things rather that become overwhelmed with feelings and the urge to clean.

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