What to Expect After Adopting a Newborn

what to expect after adopting a newbornWhen it comes to newborn adoptions, parents always want to know what to expect after adopting a newborn, especially if they’re first-time parents. So, after adopting a newborn, there are some things that new parents usually experience.
You’ll be tired.
Raising a baby requires a lot of changes to your life and your daily routine. You never know what that means until your baby arrives, but mostly you’re likely going to be super tired and exhausted since a newborn baby requires your full attention and care.
You’ll need help.
Don’t be afraid to ask your family or friends to help you out with your newborn baby. You’d be surprised how often people are happy to offer this type of assistance. They can help you with household chores, meal preps, drop off your older child at school, or watch the baby while you shower or take a nap.
Lots of crying.
Your newborn is going to cry. A lot. So spend as much time with your little one as possible and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t work to calm and soothe. You also want him or her to develop trust in you and feel certain that you’re always there.
Visit requests.
People will want to visit you and see the baby. This can sometimes be a bit inconvenient since you may not be up for hosting guests. Also the first weeks are important to bond with your baby and establish a new daily routine. So don’t be afraid to set limits on visits.
Lots of questions.
You should expect people to ask a lot of questions about the baby, the birthparents, and your entire adoption journey. When you feel ready to share your story, you’re welcome to do so, but don’t let anyone force you to talk about personal matters at any point.
Bonding may be easy or hard.
Every child is different, so bonding with your baby may be easier or harder than you thought. This is true for both adopted and biological children. Don’t expect to bond with your baby completely in those first months. Also, remember how that’s perfectly normal and just go with the flow since your baby also needs some time to get to know you.
Post-adoption depression is possible.
You may experience post-adoption depression or anxiety, especially if parenthood is not how you’ve imagined it to be. Just like post-partum depression, this is a normal occurrence that can happen after bringing a new baby home. Adopting a newborn is a big transition, so it’s no wonder that lots of adoptive parents feel a little blue. If you feel like you can’t deal with the emotional issues adoption brings, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor and join adoptive parent groups for additional support.
Don’t forget to appreciate the things you do right and learn from your mistakes. Parenthood is a learning experience for all parents — you can do this!

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