Bringing Your Adopted Baby Home

One thing all adoptive parents know is that adopting a baby involves a certain level of stress. Planning for the arrival of your baby is a busy time, especially on top of adoption paperwork, legal meetings and getting to know your birthmother. So how do you make the “post-adoption finalization” experience a bit more calming? We have a few tips up our sleeve.

Make Homecoming Day Low-Key

Of course you are absolutely overjoyed that you are finally bringing your baby home. We bet your friends and family are equally excited and can’t wait to meet him/her. If you or your friends are planning a homecoming party, take a moment to rethink it. Parties can be overwhelming for adopted children – even newborns. It may also be stressful for you, the parents, because you are not familiar with your baby’s behavior. Give yourself (and your baby) some time. A few weeks or a couple of months to get to know your baby will prove beneficial before hosting a large gathering.

Keep Your Baby Close

A child who is born spends 9 months getting to know the sound, smell and rhythms of its mother while in utero. A baby who is adopted needs the same type of close bonding time to feel safe and comfortable with his or her new parents. For the first few months, keep your baby as close to you as possible. Even at the young age, a newborn is still experiencing a lot of changes, and they need to be properly nurtured to understand you are the parent, the caregiver and the protector.

Give Yourself a Break

As you’re taking care of your baby, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Having a baby doesn’t mean giving up “me time” completely. Devise a plan with your partner that allows you each to get a full night’s sleep at least a few times a week. If you have family and friends supporting the arrival of your new bundle of joy, ask them to help out with some of the mundane daily chores. You will be surprised how willing people are to help new parents!

Expect the Unexpected

Last but not least, expect the unexpected. You can prepare and prepare and prepare, but there will always be things you didn’t account for. You may find that the things you thought you needed to worry about didn’t matter all that much, and other issues you never thought of might creep up. No matter how much you prepare, parenting is all about the unexpected – and it’s all part of the fun!
As adoptive parents, the staff of Angel Adoption understands the emotions that accompany adopting a baby. We encourage all adoptive families to contact us for support and guidance as you prepare to bring your baby home.

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