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Brenna Marie’s Adoption Story

One of Angel’s adoptive families was kind enough to share their adoption story with us. In this video, Megan and Dave travel from Chicagoland to Columbia, MO to pick up their baby girl. This video documents the couple’s adoption journey from start to finish – from contacting Angel Adoption, preparing paperwork, creating a paper and online profile, completing the homestudy, being contacted by a birthmother, all the way to the adoption of their daughter.

We are so grateful for this adoptumentary (as we like to call it), as it provides motivation and hope to adoptive families waiting for their own miracle. Additionally, Megan and Dave do a wonderful job of illustrating the adoption process and everything adoptive families go through to become licensed to adopt a baby in the United States. Watch this video, and you will have a true sense of adoption, how it works, and the joy it can bring to couples and families. We hope you enjoy it!