Is an Adoption Lawyer the Right Choice for You?

considering adoptionThe two main methods used to adopt a child are an adoption agency or an adoption lawyer. Many prospective parents can become confused between the two options, and what they offer in terms of their adoption journey. In this article we’ll be exploring why and how you might might use the legal services of an adoption lawyer, in regards to the adoption of your child.

How You are Looking to Adopt

One of the first reasons why you might choose an adoption lawyer over an agency is the method in which you intend to adopt. Adoption agencies are great for infant domestic adoption, international adoption, and foster care adoption, so if you are intending to adopt in this way an agency is probably your best route. You still may encounter an adoption lawyer as legal services are required within any adoption, when adopting through an agency though, this may be coordinated for you. However, if you are looking to adopt a newborn via what is known as ‘birth parent relinquishment’, and wish to choose the specialist lawyer suited to you a legal pathway may be advisable.

The Benefits of an Adoption Lawyer

Typically utilised in independent adoptions, and when previous connected with their child through an adoption professional, or independently, hiring an adoption lawyer to handle the process can often be beneficial to prospective parents. As adoption attorneys are required within every adoption anyway, if you have already independently found a connection, you are able to bypass an adoption agencies processes, and potentially achieve your dream of parenthood sooner.

As you will be working one on one with your lawyer, it also means they may be able to suggest further resources and services suitable to your unique situation. Of course these do come at an extra cost, but may help make the transition for you, and your new child, far smoother.

The Cons

There are a fair few cons to adoption through an adoption lawyer, as this method of adoption is really only suited to a specific set of individuals and a specific set of criteria, such as ‘birth parent relinquishment’. In many cases, it really is more ideal to engage the services of an adoption agency, particularly regarding a wider range of adoption types, as well as financial considerations. When weighing up your adoption choices, it really is best to come up with a list of pros and cons regarding each option in regards to your own personal situation.

How to Engage the Services of an Adoption Lawyer

Asking a range of questions to potential legal candidates for handling your adoption process is the best way to decide if they are suited to you and your future family. Considering factors such as their licensing, success rate and cost will all help you come to the right decision regarding your prospective adoption lawyer. Taking the time, and doing your research thoroughly will help to guarantee a smooth adoption process.

Your Adoption, your Choice

As long as you have done your research and weighed up all the options, the decision you make regarding your adoption journey will no doubt be the right one for you. Whether you’re intending to adopt internationally, and choose to work with an agency, or have already been connected and opt for an adoption lawyer, one thing is certain, soon, your wonderful journey of parenthood will begin.

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