Adoption Attorneys- What should you look for with your counsel?

adoptive momAdoption is a legal process, and you will need counsel to guide you and ensure that the adoption meets all state laws and regulations. Throughout your adoption, you will work with social workers, various consultants, and professionals, but your attorney will be your legal guide. That’s why it’s important to choose the right attorney for your type of adoption. You will be placing a great deal of trust in their expertise and guidance, so here are some things you should look for with your counsel.
Do I need an attorney?
An attorney who specializes in adoption can give you the confidence throughout the entire process. Adoption is a life-changing decision, and you want to make sure you’re going through the right process. The last step of the adoption process is the finalization of adoption in court, and you’re going to need an attorney to complete this step. But, there are also many points where adoption laws will have an effect on your child’s adoption.
What should you look for with your counsel?
Adoption law is a specialty and not all family law attorneys have the expertise to oversee and finalize the adoption. Here are some things you should keep in mind when looking for a perfect attorney for your adoption journey.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective attorney for references. You’ll also want to check reviews of your attorney’s service. These can be client reviews or word of mouth, but it’s important for you to see or hear them.
  • Ask your agency or your friends who have adopted for their recommendations.
  • Make sure your attorney is very experienced at handling adoptions. If you have a special situation, make sure your attorney has a successful history of dealing with similar cases.
  • Check if the attorney is licensed in your state. You can also click here and see the list of attorneys who have been vetted by the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.
  • Keep in mind to ask if you will be working with the attorney directly, or if an associate will be assigned to your case. You don’t want an attorney who doesn’t know who does what and when. So, do your research and write down questions you want to ask your potential adoption attorney.
  • A good attorney is going to listen to you, your concerns, and wishes, return your phone calls, and request for appointments in a timely manner. These are all indicators that you’ve hired a good lawyer.
  • You will want to know how much money do you need to hire an attorney. So ask how do they bill and if they have consultation fees.
  • A good attorney treats everyone involved in the process with dignity and respect.

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