Adoption Is The New Pregnant – Become an Adoptive Parent

#adoption #familyThe world has changed drastically over the past decades in every possible way. The recent history of adoption in the United States can be traced to the 1850s with the first adoption law in Massachusetts describing adoption as a social and legal process based on child’s welfare rather than adult interests. Although this law may seem outdated, the essence of adoption is the same.

Adoption arrives at the ultimate family outcome, just like a birth does, and perhaps the best outcome for the child. Of course, adoption and natural birth aren’t identical. With or without the formalities of the legal adoption process, we see examples of the contemporary self-identification of families such as single parent families, cross-generational families, foster families, nuclear families, never-married families, blended families, grandparents-as-parent families, and same-sex parent families to list a few. We also see changes in how a family defines itself due to the circumstances that life can bring every day.  It is fair to say that a standard definition of natural family is less than practical in today’s world, and protecting stigmas can even lead to a further burden on social services.  Adoptive families are becoming the new nuclear, so if adoption is something you’re considering, here are some reasons you are probably a perfect #adoptiveparent candidate
Why is adoption the best way to start a family?
There are so many reasons why people choose to adopt a child. Adoption can be one of the most rewarding life choices for both you and your child. Adoption takes a number of people to do what is right for the child.  Adoption would not be a reality for people who self-select an adoptive family without the choice a birthmother makes to place her child for adoption. At the point the decision is made, birthmothers have thought through the offerings a home of her own could provide versus that of an adoptive family. She’s also affirmed the perspective that adoption would provide the best care and conditions for child development. The decision doesn’t come without hardship for birthparents. It should be fully appreciated as it provides a mutually beneficial family opportunity.

Here are a few reasons that you should consider applying to be amazing adoptive parents… 

  • If you’re unable to have children of your own, keep in mind that you don’t have to be a biological parent to truly be a parent. Infertility is a reason to consider adoption. Infertility treatments vary in cost and success rates, but with adoption, there is a child in need of a loving family. If you have the ability to nurture that child as you would a biological child, it is an amazing gesture to guarantee that child a stable adoptive family household. 
  • Do you desire to do only what’s best for your child? If you feel like you have a lot of love to give and you know you can provide your child with a secure home, adoption is an amazing option. There are nearly 400,000 children living without permanent families in the United States and one of them could become a part of your wonderful family.
  • Adoption is a great choice for parents who want to have a large family. They have the opportunity to give a home to a child who doesn’t have one. Knowing how you were able to give a child love that he/she needs is a truly wonderful purpose. 
  • Every child deserves a chance to grow in a stable and loving family and adoption is a way of giving a child the life that he/she deserves.

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