November is National Adoption Awareness Month: Celebrate with us!

Adoptive SiblingsThe month of November celebrates the miracle of adoption for families all over the United States. Angel Adoption takes particular interest in celebrating our #AdoptiveFamilyBirthdays. A finalization of adoption represents a unique success story. There is a beginning to every extraordinary human that grows to achieve great societal contribution and accomplishment.  Families that represent adoption have a “once upon a time,” just like biological families do.
The ability to parent is a contemplative idea for all who are expecting to be.  It is unique to the start of every family. For some parents a family may not even start with a plan.  As time goes on the reality of personal abilities that make provisions for a child somehow find total synergy with the love of a child.  Further discussions can define a new perspective on expressing love with successful development. They may contemplate an appreciation for their level of preparedness.  They may talk through their ability to understand unique timing of welcoming a child, and also whether the opportunities they want to offer their child are best to be held in their present hands. 
That dialogue is had by all parents in varying forms; Biological, adoptive, single, blended etc. Do we center parenting thoughts and conversations around the DNA molecules that provide a tangible family outcome? Not usually. We find common ground in these conversations between birthparents and adoptive parents. #AdoptiveFamilyBirthdays are celebrated every day from them. By the time we arrive at the hospital, or finalize formal adoption papers,  birthmothers, birthfathers, adoptive mothers, and adoptive fathers have centered their attention on the needs of their child. They have assembled their bravery and confidence to make the decision on both sides to adopt. They become an adoptive family. Adoption is care, provision, development, and adoption is “once upon a time” and the bravest family outcome. We will be celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month with our own Angel Adoption Success’
#November is national #adoptionawarenessmonth!  Take #socialmedia by storm. Support us loud, #share our message, and #post your #adoptionstories with us @AngelAdoption

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