What do I do after the adoption is finalized?

what to do after the adoptionis fWhen adoptive parents are given legal custody of the adopted child, the adoption is considered finalized. The finalization hearing usually takes place within six to twelve months after you’ve welcomed your new family member into your home. The adoption process doesn’t end here — there are still a few things you should do after the adoption is finalized.

Original Birth Certificate

After the adoption, your child’s original birth certificate may be kept and sealed so a new certificate can be made. If your child doesn’t have an original certificate, that can cause problems later on. Once you finalize the adoption process a new certificate is going to be created, which will state your child’s adopted name as well as list you and your partner as parents.

Social Security

Don’t forget to apply for a new social security number and card for your child. The sooner you do this, the better since it’s important for filing taxes. A verified copy of the adoption order or a birth certificate are the documents you’ll likely need to get a social security number for your child.

Medical Insurance

After the adoption is finalized, it’s also important to take care of your child’s medical insurance. Check with your employer or your insurance company to find out how you can add your child to your medical insurance plan.

Life Insurance & Will

If you don’t have a life insurance yet, adoption finalization is a perfect time to get a policy. This is important because you need to secure your child if anything unpredictable happens to you. Similar to life insurance, it’s also a good time to create a will. People usually don’t like to think about this topic especially when they become first-time parents, but, this is important and parents should do it after the adoption is finalized. When you’re creating your will, you also need to mention someone you want as your child’s guardian. Think about someone you trust and add the guardian’s name to your will.

Adoption Announcements

Finally time for something fun! Create and send your baby’s adoption announcements to share the news with everyone. Welcoming a child into your family is a joyous time and now that the adoption is finalized, it’s time to celebrate!

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