How to Choose the Right Adoption Agency for You

considering adoptionAdoption agencies play an important role when it comes to finding a perfect connection through an adoption. All in all, it’s important to understand how the agency brings together adoptive parents and birth parents. Many aspiring parents do their research, but sometimes it’s hard to to filter and find the one best fitted for you to work with. All of them promise a successful adoption, so what are the characteristics that count for you?  Here are some considerations to look for…
Reasonable Fees: Adoption can be expensive so before you choose an agency you need to research thoroughly about possible fees. Cost can vary with the adoption type and the laws in your state.
Thorough Research: In today’s world, you can accomplish a lot of the screening process online, so take your time and make a list of potential agencies based on their website, testimonials and Facebook page. This will help you to get acquainted with each agency as you reach out to them. When you have set aside a list of the ones that interest you most, the next step is to create a list of questions. It is good practice to phone interview each agency.
Discussing with Adoptive Families: If you don’t know anyone who has adopted a baby, join online forums and read content from bloggers who have shared their adoption experience. Ask them for recommendations as well. People who have been through the adoption process are a part of a much larger community and they’re usually willing to help other adoptive parents achieve their family goals as well.
The Right Questions: It’s important to find an agency that you feel comfortable with. Here are some frequently asked questions as you connect with them.

  • What’s your adoption philosophy?
  • What services do you offer your families?
  • What is your record of success?
  • How many families do you work with?
  • What is your specialization with LGBT adoption?
  • What is your license or accreditation group?
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