5 Reasons Why Positive Adoption Language is Important

positive adoption languagePeople present themselves with words. Different words, gesticulations, and behaviors are used on different occasions. Language is something given to us and we would be lost without it. That’s why each aspect of life has different and unique uses of language. It’s the same with adoption. It’s important that every person involved in the adoption process knows what positive adoption language is. Here’s an answer if you’re wondering what it is and why it’s so important!

What is positive adoption language?

Positive adoption language was developed in the 1970s because some phrases might have been offensive or disrespectful. There was a need to create a unique language specific to adoption, and that’s exactly what positive adoption language is. The true purpose of positive adoption language is to embrace the spirit of adoption, to build self-esteem, and to show respect for everyone involved in the adoption process. It’s an important part of each adoption type, and everyone involved in the process should use it regularly.

The Importance of Positive Adoption Language

By choosing to use positive adoption language, we educate others about adoption. This is an important aspect of the adoption process because some people are not familiar with the true meaning of adoption. Here are some reasons why positive adoption language is so important.

  1. Positive adoption language honors the birth family. That’s why terms like ‘abandoned,’ ‘gave away their child,’ or ‘gave up for adoption’ are not a part of this language. Birth families love their children and make the difficult choice to place their child for an adoption because of that love.
  2. Positive adoption language also values the adoptive parents. Their role is often diminished through the use of inaccurate language. In positive adoption language, there’s no need to mention that adoptive parents are real or natural parents of the child since this only implies that adoptive relationship is second best. Adoption is a way of creating a family, and positive adoption language supports and values adoptive families in the way they deserve it.
  3. Some adoptive parents have described times when others said hurtful things in front of their children. For example, it’s not emotionally correct to ask where does he or she come from or why his or her parents abandoned them. This can be damaging to children who are still forming an understanding of themselves. The use of positive adoption language builds self-confidence and a greater sense of worth, and that’s exactly what your child needs.
  4. Positive adoption language protects private information. Your decision to adopt is your own decision as well as the reasons behind that decision. That’s why you don’t need to mention how your child is adopted, you are simply his or her parent. Positive adoption language respects the privacy of the family.
  5. Positive adoption language plays a vital role in accurately presenting the adoption process. It’s important to use positive phrases when referring to adoption to dispel all myths and misconceptions about the process.
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