11 Ways Adoption will Change you for the Better

adoptive familyJust like any type of parenthood, adoptive parenthood can bring tremendous joy. The adoption process is a demanding task that requires a lot of self-reflection, learning, and patience. Every new experience in a person’s life is important and adopting a child is likely beyond anything you’ve ever gone through. One of the best things about adoption is that you become stronger after that stressful and emotional journey. If you’re waiting or hoping to adopt, you should know about a few of the wonderful ways adoption will change you for the better.

  • Adoption is a life event that changes the identities of everyone involved. For first-time adoptive parents, this change in identity means the realization of the long-awaited role of “mom” or “dad.”
  • You’ll have the opportunity to take care of another person and all of the sudden most of your problems or flaws are going to disappear.
  • When you have someone you love even more than yourself, it changes the way you think and feel about yourself.
  • An adoption experience may also change your personality. Since the process itself involves a lot of open communication, use of positive adoption language, and a lot of learning, you’re going to change some of your attitudes and opinions. You can truly become a better person when you communicate openly about your feelings, fears, and hopes.
  • You’re going to meet a lot of new people through different organizations, classes, support groups, or other communities. You may even get a chance to create new friendships.
  • The adoption process helps to complete a family and once you adopt you’ll have the best reason to get up in the morning. Parents give their child unconditional love and compassion, something they may have been missing an outlet for before adoption.
  • When it comes to an open adoption, a relationship with birthparents may also change you for the better. When you realize how they love your child as much as you do, you’ll realize how love is completely selfless and what a beautiful thing that is.
  • When you choose to adopt, you’re also choosing to emotionally bond yourself with love to your child.
  • As an adoptive parent, you’re going to support your child emotionally through all the ups and downs.
  • When an adoptive child becomes a part of the family, parents pass down traditions, stories, and spread culture.
  • For couples who choose to adopt a child after an infertility diagnosis, failed pregnancy, or other medical reasons, an adoption process can be emotionally healing. Adopting a child finally completes a deep-seeded need to start a family.

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