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understanding your adoption financial assistance optionsIt’s no secret that adoption is not cheap; in fact, it is often one of the biggest barriers people face to becoming parents through adoption. Each adoption will vary in cost based on a number of factors, but it’s almost always a pretty penny. But where does the money go? Below, we take a look at what costs so much in an adoption so you can have an idea of exactly what you’re saving up for.

Legal Costs

One of the biggest contributors to the cost of an adoption is the fees associated with all of the legal work involved. Adoptions require a lot of paperwork on both sides, as well as several requirements that have to be met, such as home studies, evaluations, background checks, and post-placement visits and reports.

It is also important to note that these costs will cover legal representation, sometimes for both the adoptive family and the birthmother. Court costs are also included, including pre-adoption procedures and adoption finalization.

Medical and Counseling

The other largest portion of adoption costs goes to medical care and counseling. The birthmother requires prenatal care to ensure both her own health and that of the baby, and in most states she will also receive counseling. Depending on the state and adoption agency, she may also receive living expenses for the duration of the pregnancy and the following recovery period.

Medical and counseling aren’t only for the birthmother — in some cases, the adoptive parents will also submit a physical exam, and in most cases some counseling will be either offered or required before and after the adoption is finalized. Parenting classes may also be required


While medical and legal costs make up the bulk of your adoption fees, they certainly aren’t the only considerations. If your adoption is private, you will also be paying for the connection services provided by your adoption agency or facilitator. If you are completing an interstate or international adoption, you will have travel costs to consider. Adoption agencies and facilitators that work with you and the birthmother also have to consider their own overhead, including rent for their brick and mortar locations as well as salary for the people working there.

While adoption costs can seem staggering to even financially stable families, it’s important to remember that there are a number of fundraising and financial aid options to consider. While it may take some additional time to accumulate the funds needed, costs do not have to stop anyone from adopting. Click here for some suggestions on adoption financial books.

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