4 Ways to Spice Up Your Adoptive Family Profile

considering adoptionWriting an adoptive family profile is one of the most important things you will do in the adoption process. This is essentially an open and honest letter to a birth mother, sharing who you are and why you want to adopt her child.

This profile or letter will be what a birth mother uses to evaluate you and decide whether you are a good connection or not. This sounds like one of the most important interviews of your life, and it is, but it should also be honest and open. Your adoptive family profile should be an authentic representation of you and your family. Let’s look at topics to cover in this important adoptive family profile.

First Impressions

One of the first things a birth mother will do is look at a photo of you. This picture should be a high quality image with bright colors. It should depict you in a natural state. Some adoptive parents choose to use a professional photograph taken by a studio. Others may opt for a photo showcasing their favorite hobby, talent, or with a large family group. This isn’t a popularity contest, but it is best to give the birth mother a few pictures that represent who you are as a whole. If you love cooking, playing with dogs, and traveling, be sure to incorporate these subjects in a few pictures to give the birth mother a well-rounded idea of your favorite things.

Paint a Picture with Stories

Anyone can tell you that they like to travel and see new things. What really draws a person in is to share a story about hiking the Grand Canyon and getting caught in the rain, only to be blessed with a beautiful couple’s portrait with a rainbow in the background after the sun broke through the clouds. Share stories of your life with the birth mother. Involve her in the highlights of your adoptive family profile. It will go a long way to make her feel a connection with you, rather than just reading a sterile bulleted facts sheet.

Make the Ordinary Exciting

There is some basic information the birth mother will need, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Your relationship status, family status, city, school district, and family background can be important aspects to share, but you can include stories with these items as you did above. Talk about your significant other and the way they show their love. Describe your town and all of your favorite places you like to go and why. Talk about your family if you have a large group of members who will be eager to welcome a child into the fold.

Present the Necessary, Capture the Interest

It is possible to share the necessary information succinctly while also make it interesting. If you wish to tell a birth mother about your extended family, you can do so without giving the details. Just tell her how many family members will be available and how their support can help a child to grow and mature.

The purpose of the adoptive family profile is to connect to the birth mother emotionally to create a relationship with her that will lead to a successful adoption. Be honest about who you are and what you want to bring into a child’s life. The right birth mother will respond to your profile when the connection is too strong to deny.

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