10 Best Adoption Blogs

BeckettAdoption is a long-term process; it doesn’t really end when the paperwork is signed, so neither should the support. Thankfully, the internet has given us a way to connect with people around the world who have valuable knowledge and experiences to share, and blogs are one of the best ways people have to share that knowledge. Whether you need an uplifting voice or some basic knowledge, there are adoption blogs here to help everyone.

Leah Campbell

Leah Campbell is a single adoptive mother who has translated her love of writing and passion for adoption into informative and engaging blog posts about her life with her daughter. She covers everything from her life before adoption, to finding out she was infertile, to current updates about her daughter.

Lavender Luz

Lavender Luz has been involved in the open adoption community for a long time, and her expertise is shown in spades on her personal blog. She not only talks about her personal experiences, she also posts letters from other people in the adoption community to help people with their concerns in a “Dear Abby” style format.

White Sugar Brown Sugar

This blog focuses on the joys and trials of transracial adoption and homeschooling, written by Rachel Garlinghouse. She has also written five books that are aimed at adoptive parents, homeschooling parents, and young African American girls.

Lovely Little Whimsy

Carina Lee’s blog covers the busy insanity that is her life with six children, a mix of biological and adoptive additions to her family. Her story is interesting, with ups and downs that any adoptive family can learn from.

Rage Against the Minivan

While it might be tempting to recommend this blog by its title alone, Kristen’s informative and fun posts about her life as a mom to four biological and adopted children will be enough to keep anyone coming back for more.

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

This blog follows the large family of Mike and Kristin Berry and their eight adopted children. The couple has experiences with both closed and open adoptions, and their family dynamic allows them some unique perspectives into how to make large families work peacefully.

No Bohns About It

The Bohn family of five consists of parents Erin and Rob and kids James, Mariyah, and Violet, two of whom were adopted via the foster system. Erin writes openly and honestly about her transracial adoption experiences with wit that will surprise a laugh out of you.

Mix and Match Mama

This blog by author Shay Shull covers everything from adoption to style to recipes — a little something for everyone, with beautiful images throughout the site.

See Jamie Blog

This blog is written by an adoptive mom and fitness enthusiast who writes about everything from her hectic life to struggles with bonding. An entertaining and supportive resource for any adoptive parent, especially if you share her interests in fitness and dogs!

Tiny Green Elephants

Tiny Green Elephants is a wonderful blog that covers the family’s history with adoption as well as their current homesteading efforts. The family is a blend of biological and adopted children whose exploits and adventures are covered in depth in this well-written and beautifully photographed blog.

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