Dos and Don'ts of Domestic Newborn Adoption

Domestic Infant AdoptionDo educate yourself about adopting a baby. There is a ton information surrounding domestic newborn adoption; so much that we could never detail it in one article. It is essential to obtain as much knowledge about newborn adoption before and after the adoption process has already started. Read books, scour the web, take classes, attend seminars, and, most importantly, ask questions! The adoption coordinators at Angel Adoption are always eager to provide as much information as possible.

Do treat your adoption like a traditional pregnancy. There is no reason why adopting a baby shouldn’t be just as special as having a baby biologically. That is why treating your newborn adoption in the same way as a traditional pregnancy is perfectly okay. Want to make an adoption announcement complete with professional photos? Do it! Want to throw a baby shower? By all means. Adopting a baby doesn’t mean missing out on the “perks” of pregnancy. It just means the path to growing your family is a little bit different.

Do stay busy during the waiting period. Any adoptive parent will tell you that the waiting is the hardest part of the adoption process. We will even go as far to say you can drive yourself crazy thinking about how much time has passed. Firstly, always remember that the time it takes to adopt a baby varies from case to case. Some will take two months while others could take two years. Our advice is to stay busy and do things you enjoy. Take that vacation you have been putting off. You won’t have that chance once the baby arrives. Have date nights with your partner, another luxury that may be less frequent once you’re a full-time parent.

Do talk to other adoptive families. Talking to other adoptive families is a great way to learn more about adoption. It can also help ease your concerns and keep you hopeful throughout the adoption process. Keep in mind every newborn adoption is different. One adoptive family’s experience of smooth sailing will be vastly different from the family who went through several failed adoptions before a happy ending. Additionally, stay positive, but keep your expectations neutral, even when hearing stories of successful adoptions. Your adoption will have its own unique set of circumstances that will affect the timing and outcome.

Don’t jump to conclusions about the birthmother. All too often birthmothers are viewed as irresponsible teenagers who don’t love their child. In reality, it’s the exact opposite. In fact, most birthmothers are actually in their early twenties or older. They are not women who don’t love their child but rather, women who love their child so much they are sacrificing their own wants for the needs of the child. Don’t make any assumptions about any birthmother you come in contact with. There is no wrong reason to place a baby for adoption, and you never know what circumstances led a birthmother to choose adoption.

Don’t give up. Adopting a baby can be an exhausting experience. However, this should not deter you from reaching your goal of a successful adoption. Time is one of the greatest sacrifices required by adoption. For example, much of your time will be devoted to paperwork, home studies, interviews, planning, hoping, and, of course, waiting. All of these things can take an emotional toll on hopeful adoptive families. Stay strong through the adoption process! Hold your head high. What is meant to be will be!

Don’t let setbacks hold you back. Even the most perfect adoption stories have their bumps in the road. Whether it’s a failed connection, the birthmother changes her mind, or legal issues, don’t let unforeseen issues stop you from adopting. Adoption has its ups and downs, but the end result is worth every second!

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to call Angel Adoption! The adoption coordinators at Angel Adoption understand the ups, downs and joys of newborn adoption. We will always be there to talk you through your concerns or fears. Better yet, we’re even here if you just need someone to talk to. Feel free to call us anytime. 

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