How to Adopt a Baby

How to Adopt a Baby Learn About Adoption
There are many factors that go into adopting a newborn baby. Learning about infant adoption and all of your options is imperative to making the best choices throughout the adoption process. How long does it take? How much does it cost? What are the types of adoption and how do you choose? What is an adoption home study? Learning about adoption and getting your biggest questions answered are the first steps towards adopting a baby.

Complete A Free Adoption Application
Angel Adoption makes it easy for adoptive parents to get started on the adoption process with our free adoption application. Once you have made your final decision to adopt a newborn and have learned about the adoption process, the next step is to dive in. Once your application is reviewed, an adoption coordinator will be in touch to discuss an adoption plan in further detail.

Review Your Finances
It’s no secret that adopting a baby comes with a financial obligation. Aside from attorney fees, legal payments, and the cost of your adoption facilitator, there are a few other expenses to consider. For example, many adoptive parents provide financial assistance for the birthmother. This could mean housing, clothing, medical expenses, or other pregnancy related needs. Once you’ve discussed fees with your adoption coordinator, start making a financial game plan. Don’t forget to ask us about the adoption tax credit!

Speak with an Adoption Coordinator
The adoption specialists at Angel Adoption are kind, knowledgeable and passionate about adoption. As adoptive parents, we understand first hand the pain of infertility and the miracle of adopting a baby. So who better to work with than us? Not only do we facilitate the connection between birthmother and adoptive families, we also provide marketing and advertising services unique to other companies. Through communication, guidance, and online and offline marketing, we will create an adoption plan that is best suited for your unique circumstances.

Complete an Adoption Home Study
All adoptive families are required to complete an adoption homestudy. An adoption homestudy is a written report of an adoptive family completed by a social worker. A homestudy requires the prospective adoptive family to gather personal documents, answer questions, and explore their reasons for adopting. The homestudy can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and is completed through a series of home visits, interviews, background checks and financial assessments. In a nutshell, a homestudy determines whether adoptive families are emotionally, physically and financially ready to adopt a baby.

Create an Adoption Plan
Will you have an open adoption or closed adoption? Are you interested in adopting a baby boy, girl or both? Would you be open to adopting twins? Are you only interested infant adoption, or would you consider a child up to 12 months old? Are you open to any race? How much contact would you like with the birthmother? These are all questions you must ask yourself during the adoption process. Answering these questions can help us help you connect you with the right birthmother. Additionally, adopting a baby can involve unexpected opportunities, so having an idea of what you are and aren’t up for is beneficial.

Connect with a Birthmother
Angel Adoption believes it is of utmost importance that the birthmother be involved in choosing the adoptive parents for her child. Not only does it give the birthmother more control over her adoption plan, but it also makes for healthier, stronger connections. Your adoptive parent profile will be presented to birthmothers via the “waiting families” section of our website. Once a birthmother selects your profile, you will be contacted by your adoption coordinator to set up initial contact. This is typically a phone call, but could also be email or video chat. If both parties agree to move forward with the adoption, an in person meeting will occur.

Live as an Adoptive Family
Adoption doesn’t end after finalization. You will continue to learn about adoptive parenting. Talk with your child and others about adoption, find support and services for your child’s needs, and connect with other adoptive parents. And, when you are ready, consider adopting again!

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