What Can Birth Parents Expect After the Adoption?

#ShoutYourAdoptionThe adoption process focuses intently on the prenatal period, with activities such as selecting the perfect adoptive parents whose parenting style aligns with the beliefs and wishes of the birth mom and creating a birth plan. Because of that, life following the birth and the successful conclusion of the adoption is often more of an afterthought. 

This can leave birth parents with a whole host of questions about life after adoption. Of course, this can largely depend on the type of adoption created, as a closed adoption likely needs less post-planning than a semi-open or open adoption, but there can still be some overarching questions that need to be answered. In this article we’ll be answering the most common queries that birth parents have. 

Can I see my Baby at the Hospital?

A common question birth moms can have is whether they’ll be able to see their baby immediately after the birth. As the birth mother is in control of the birth plan, this decision is entirely their own. No adoption journey is the same, so the answer to the question varies solely on what the birth mother decides is best both for themselves and their child. 

Some birth moms may wish for the adoptive parents to start their parenting as early as possible to encourage a strong bond with their newborn. However, some adoptive mothers prefer to use this time to make some memories and their own bond with their baby before the adoption is finalized.

What Happens if my Baby has Health Problems?

Most babies are born happy and healthy, but sometimes others can be born with health concerns which may affect their lives in the short or long term. Sometimes health issues may be picked up on during scans or routine tests, but other times conditions are discovered at birth. 

Many adoptive parents are receptive to adopting a child with a medical condition, but if this isn’t the case, then a good adoption agency will not leave you without a place to turn. Instead, a more suitable connection can be found, which ensures your baby will be raised in a loving and caring home.

Can I Have Contact with My Child and Their Adoptive Family?

The answer to this question hinges upon the type of adoption that you chose. In the case of semi-open and open adoptions the answer is yes, though of course there may be some specifications or prerequisites which outlines the degree and method of contact that the birth parents and extended birth family have with the child. 

A good adoption agency will make sure that both the birth parents and the adoptive parents understand what the different types of adoption entail, and, if semi or open adoption are chosen, the importance of upholding regular contact for the benefit of the child. 

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

As birth parents, you have the right to ask as many questions as you need to during the adoption process. This will help you know for sure whether adoption is right for you, refine the details of the adoption, select the perfect adoptive parents, and prepare for life post adoption. 

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