Newborn Bonding After Adoption

#adoption #familyThere is no greater joy than being with your newborn baby. When parents adopt a newborn, many wonder if the bonding process will be any different. The fact is that bonding will naturally occur regardless of biological connections. Your baby is a clean slate and is looking for the comfort and love of other humans. As their parents, you are those special humans!

Here are just a few of the best ways to start fostering that special connection with your newborn baby.

Snuggle Your Way to Their Heart

Being physically close to your newborn is an important part of bonding. You will be able to watch them respond warmly to your touch, and you will be filled with glee as their tiny hands wrap around your fingers. Massages can create instant calm as well as encourage good circulation. Holding and swaddling your baby provides them with the ultimate comfort. The wide-open world can be a big, scary place for a little defenseless baby. They yearn to feel protected, and your embrace will make them feel secure. As they associate your scent with this feeling of security, just being in your baby’s presence will begin to have a calming effect on them.

Have Some Face Time

Babies begin to recognize faces and facial expression very early on in their development. Make eye contact with them as much as possible, using your face as a way to convey your own feelings of happiness. Smiling, being silly, and laughing will elicit gleeful giggles from your baby over time, once they begin to familiarize themselves with these displays of emotion. Moreover, as the bond with your baby grows, you will be able to recognize their facial expressions and gain a better understanding of their needs and emotions. This is always helpful for parents in deciphering what their baby is trying to tell them.

Start the Conversation

Even though they can’t quite use their own words to tell you what they need just yet, it is widely recommended to begin speaking with your baby right away. This is a wonderful source of bonding and aids in early cognitive development. Speech is fundamental to human communication and mimicking your baby’s garbles is one of the earliest forms of communication they can experience. This will help them as they begin talking on their own and deepens their connection to you from the very beginning. Again, you may also begin to associate their unique sounds with specific needs. Newborns also have positive reactions to music and singing. They won’t judge you on your singing voice, so feel free to use a song to lift their spirits or lull them to sleep.

Bonding with your newborn is easier than many adoptive parents may think. Let your natural love and affection flow, your baby will feel it and respond. All the ups and downs and stress that comes with the adoption process has come to an end and your new baby is finally here for you to cherish. Enjoy these precious moments as they are only the beginning of your lifelong connection.

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