For Birthmothers: 7 Things to Do Before Your Due Date

birthmotherYour due date is getting closer, and maybe it’s hard to concentrate on anything other than the adoption, all that paperwork, and thinking about how uncomfortable and exhausted the labor is going to be. But, you should spend those days before your baby is born relaxed as well as prepared for every possible scenario.
All in all, everything is likely arranged with adoptive parents and your agency, so you can concentrate on practical things you need to take care of before the baby is born at the hospital. So, here is a list of things on what you need to do before the baby is born!
1. Paperwork
Before the baby is born, try to get all your necessary paperwork in order. If you have a possibility to arrange everything in advance with the adoptive parents and your adoption professional, do that just because it’s simpler that way for everyone. You’ll know what to expect from the hospital stay and the situation itself is going to be less stressful. Most hospitals require you to preregister before going in, so make sure to do whatever they require so you don’t have to worry about it when the time comes.
2. Pack Your Bag
Pack your hospital bag in advance. It’s best to keep things simple with important items like a couple of comfortable pajama sets, toiletries, slippers, snacks, chargers for your devices, and things to entertain you during the wait, like books, magazines, or a tablet.  When it comes to baby essentials, it all depends on how the hospital stay is arranged with adoptive parents. Talk to them and decide together if there’s anything you should plan to bring along.
3. Make a Test Run
Take a trip to the hospital to get a feel for the best route and the traffic. It’s a good idea to have a general idea of not only how to get there, but also how long it will take you to get there — both things you don’t want to stress over on the day of.
4. Create Your Birth Plan
Your Ob/Gyn can help you understand what to expect during labor and delivery and also assist you with creating a birth plan. It’s good to do this to be prepared and in control. This way people around you in the hospital are going to know what you want to do during the labor and delivery, like who you want in the hospital with you when your baby is born.
5. Eat!
If you’re getting an induction, eat before you go in for it. Inductions are long, and you’re usually not allowed to eat much at all for the entire duration, so you’ll want to eat in advance. Eat little and often instead of having one big meal. You may find that food is the last thing on your mind during labor, but it’s a heavy work and birth rooms are hot, so you’ll need to eat and stay well hydrated before this birth stage.
6. Rest Up
Don’t feel bad about spending as much time as possible relaxing and napping as possible. Labor and delivery is physically demanding and exhausting, so get as much rest as possible before the birth. It’s also best for your emotional well-being if you start the process feeling relaxed and well rested.
7. Write Everything Down
If you are still wondering what else to do before your baby is born, the best thing is to simply write everything down. You can write things you’ve learned about the birth as well as your hopes about an adoption process itself. This way it’s going to be so much easier to organize your thoughts and feel more secure about the birth and the adoption.

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