For Birthmothers: Creating Your Adoption Hospital Plan

A hospital stay can be a difficult time for a birthmother because she is welcoming a baby into the world and also departing with a child at the same time. This makes an adoption plan very important. This plan is usually a list of documents containing the birthmother’s preferences for the hospital stay and birthing process. It’s beneficial Birthmother pregnant considering create such a plan to avoid any unwanted scenarios at the hospital. It’s not easy to create an adoption hospital plan, so we’ve compiled some tips for all birthmothers.

1. Talk things through with adoptive parents

The first thing to do is to meet adoptive parents before the due date. If it’s not possible to meet them in person, try talking over the phone or via e-mail. You need to get as much information as you can from the adoptive parents before the hospital stay. When you establish a relationship with them, you need to talk about every single detail regarding the adoption and the hospital stay. This list should include:

  • Do you want adoptive parents in the delivery room or not?
  • It’s good to talk to them and decide which members of your support network will be with you at the hospital. This includes having someone available to take you to and from the hospital.
  • You should decide who will hold your baby first and how much time you want to spend with your baby.
  • It’s also recommended to think about whether you want pictures taken of you and the baby.
  • Decide who is going to keep the mementos from the hospital, such as your child’s hospital ID bracelet, baby blanket, hat, etc.
2. Open communication

The key to a successful adoption is open communication. Everything is easier if you can talk openly with the adoptive parents, so don’t be shy and ask them about everything you would like to know. Make sure you’re on the same page because it will make the process easier for both parties.

3. Labor and delivery

When it comes to labor and delivery, consider every option you may be faced with. You will be asked if you prefer a natural delivery or if an epidural would be necessary to stay comfortable. With any labor and delivery, there is always the possibility of requiring a C-section. It’s important to prepare yourself in advance for this possibility by researching what the implications of the procedure are.  During labor, there is a possibility of your nurses and/or doctor coaching you. 
As you can see, open communication is the key to figuring out the right answers for these questions. Make sure to talk things over with everyone involved in the adoption process in order to avoid anxiety that could come along with surprises. Both sides can be satisfied with the final outcome if you talk openly and honestly.

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