Creating Your Hospital Adoption Plan

Hospital Adoption PlanParents who are hoping to adopt a newborn baby should start thinking about a hospital adoption plan even before they’re connected with a birthmother. This plan is based heavily on her preferences, but you should be aware that surprises and other unexpected changes can arise, so you should be prepared for every option. Here are some tips on how to create your hospital adoption plan!

  • From the beginning of the adoption process, think about your adoption hospital plan as much as you can. Don’t broach the subject with your birthmother until you’ve developed a deeper relationship with her. Respect her space and emotions and let her know that you respect her needs and desires for her hospital experience.
  • Birth plans rarely go exactly as scheduled and that’s why you need to prepare for the unexpected. This is a very emotional and unpredictable time for you as well as your birthmother.
  • For many adoptions, the time at the hospital is usually the birth family’s chance to spend time with the baby, say their goodbyes, and begin the process of closure and healing. This can be a hard reality to take in, but it’s important to respect the birth family’s needs in this area.
  • For an open adoption, you’ll need to communicate with your birthmother about every single detail of the hospital stay. It’s hard to avoid surprises and your plan might not work out exactly as you imagine it, but still it’s better when you know what she wants exactly.
  • You should ask her where she wants you to be during labor and delivery. If she wants you in the room during labor and delivery, discuss her level of comfort and what she does and doesn’t want you to do. Talk about what kind of interaction will you have with the baby after he or she is born.
  • Listen to a birthmother’s wishes and desires since it’s crucial for you to communicate openly and discuss everything.
  • Consider taking a classes on labor and delivery to show your birthmother that you care and appreciate what she’s going through. If you’re going to be in the room during the delivery, you can use what you learn to help her understand what to expect and coach her through the process.
  • A hospital stay is emotional and it can often present intense pressure. Don’t forget to factor breaks in your hospital adoption plan. Run out and get a quick bite to eat, grab a cup of coffee to, or just take a walk to give your mind and body a chance to decompress so you can remain as calm and level-headed as possible during the whole experience.
  • The most important thing for an adoptive family to remember is that the hospital stay is all about ensuring all goes well with a birthmother and the child. So do everything you can to do so.

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