Asking for Assistance With Adoption Costs

Infant adoption financial assistance

With more than 400,000 children in the foster care system, there are approximately 120,000 currently waiting to be adopted to their forever family. Adoption is a very tedious, expensive process that requires hours of training, evaluations, and lots of time. It is no secret that paying for adoption in the United States can be expensive. The question that circles many people’s minds however is, should you ask for money to help pay for your adoption?

What do I have to pay for during an adoption?

Whether adopting domestically or internationally, adoption costs are expensive! According to the Adoptive Families Magazine, the average domestic adoption within the United States costs $39,966. From medical expenses for the expectant mother to travel expenses of all kinds, there are many different fees included in the total cost.

Attorney fees: When exploring the route of adopting a child, it is important to seek out help from an attorney. With the mountains of paperwork regarding the legality of the situation, you are going to want some expert help on your side. 

Home study: Depending on the area you reside in, a home study can range from $1,000 to $4,000 and is required to deem your living situation fit for a child.

Profile book: If you are using an adoption agency, a profile book will be made to showcase your family to expectant parents to help them in choosing the best family for their child. This book can range anywhere from $500 to $1,500 if professionally constructed.

Expenses of the expectant mother: This is a given. The family that is adopting the child is expected to pay the medical bills, transportation expenses, birth costs, and other expenses of the expectant mother.

Travel: From the travel that may be done by the adoptive parents or the expectant parents, this cost falls upon the shoulders of the adoptive parents. You may need to travel to meet with the expectant parents or to meet your new child and bring them home. Again, these costs are to be paid by the adoptive parents.

Can I ask for help paying adoption fees?

In short, yes. There is nothing against requesting help from family, friends, or your community in funding the adoption as many adoptive parents are tasked with coming up with several thousand dollars in a short amount of time. 

Many adoptive families host fundraising events that involve their loved ones and the support of the community that wishes to help them on their journey. While family and friends are not obligated to help, you may be surprised by how many are willing to of

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