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The process to adopt a child can be quite lengthy with mountains of paperwork, one or more home study, and a court case for a judge to determine the final answer. While many adoptive parents wish to adopt one child at a time, there are several who desire parenting siblings, more specifically twins.

While there is an expected wait time when adopting a child, the desire to adopt twins can make this wait exceptionally long. With approximately 3 in every 100 births being twins – this can make the waiting too long for some leaving them to turn to adopt two children close in age or “artificial twins”.

How do we adopt more than one child?

The adoption process for more than one child is not much different than with a single child, however, some cost increases can be expected. While the total cost may not double, the adoptive parents can expect to pay two times the fees associated with filing paperwork and court proceedings.

In any adoption, a judge makes the final ruling on whether or not adoption is granted. When twins are placed for adoption, the courts aim to keep the children together but only if the home and prospective parents are deemed fit for multiple children. A judge will take the needs of each child as an individual into consideration and make a decision for each individual rather than as a pair.

Additional Scrutiny When Adopting Twins

Many things must occur to be considered eligible to adopt a child including a home study, an examination of your financial status, and employment stability. Parents who are interested in adopting biological twins or artificial twins can expect twice the scrutiny as those adopting a single child. They must prove that they are financially stable enough to provide each child with everything they need, the ability to provide them with proper care, and a home that is suited to meet the needs of more than one child.

How do adopting twins differ from adopting a single child?

The process of adopting twins is relatively similar to that of single child adoption, however, parents must be prepared for two times the paperwork, two times the court proceedings, and two times the wait. While prospective parents may have their minds set on adopting twins, the wait time for biological twins might be too much for them to bear.

The courts often try to keep siblings together through adoption as it is in the best interest of the children to stay with their biological siblings. While it may be too long to wait for a twin adoption, parents often turn to adopt siblings or children close in age to fulfill their parenting wishes when deemed fit. However, parents looking to adopt mustn’t get their hopes up too high when they wish to adopt multiple children at the same time, especially those that are not biologically related, as the judge may reject their wishes in the best interest of the children.

How much does it cost to adopt twins?

If you’re looking for twin babies for adoption, you may be wondering about the cost. As stated earlier, twin adoptions may cost a bit more in order to accommodate the extra paperwork and court proceedings. Other than that, the fees associated with twin adoptions are not much different than adopting a single child.

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