Do you have an Adoption Plan in Place?

What to expect at the hospitalCreating a plan for a birthmother is difficult when she is welcoming a baby into the world and also departing with a child at the simultaneously. This makes an adoption plan very important. The adoption plan will help put a timeline in place and outline the events that lead up to the actual birth. What are the communications that are necessary for a birthmother and adoptive parents? Here are some ideas for birthmothers when they are considering their own process.
Meet adoptive parents before the due date. If it’s not possible to meet them in person, try corresponding over email or telephone. Getting information about them can help with letting your mind rest as you make the adoption decision. Sometimes information can help with positive feelings about your adoption decision.  When you establish a relationship with them, you need to talk about every single detail regarding the adoption and the hospital stay. This list should include:

  • Do you want adoptive parents in the hospital or not?
  • On the day of your delivery, what are your plans for you and the baby and who will be with you?
  • Do you or don’t you want things to remember the day of your delivery?

If you have a hard time talking openly about the adoption process with the adoptive family try to at least be open with the adoption counselor that your agency should provide. If you don’t know if those resources are available to you, it is always a good question to ask when deciding on your agency. They can also recommend good resources outside of the agency to help with the emotions that come up when you have strong convictions that adoption is the right thing for you and your baby.

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