Debt-Free Adoption

adoptive parents preparing for the adoption home studyThere are so many wonderful children waiting for a family both domestically and internationally, and there are so many prospective parents desperate to bring home a child to give all their love to, but there is one huge barrier that stops so many: money. Sadly, the adoption process can be more expensive than many can afford, which can be heartbreaking for those who want to grow their family through adoption, and can leave more children than necessary waiting within the foster care or institutional care system. 

In this article we’ll be exploring why the adoption process is so expensive, and some of the steps you might be able to take to make adoption more affordable, allowing you to adopt without debt.

Why is the Adoption Process So Expensive?

Sadly, the adoption process is packed with costs which can quickly rack up. In the case of international adoption this includes:

  • Travel costs
  • Government fees
  • Facilitation fees
  • Agency expenses
  • Insurance fees
  • Application fees

On average, domestic adoption of an infant can cost between $25,000-45,000, with a variety of fees and costs, some of which may only occur in some situations, and some more typical such as:

  • Medical expenses of the birth mother
  • Legal fees
  • Government fees
  • Counselling
  • Agency fees
  • Advertising fees

It is important to remember that the fees mentioned above are paid before you even bring your child home, and do not cover the costs of preparing for a new arrival or raising the child. As you can see, adoption can be very financially daunting!

How to Adopt Without Debt

There are a variety of methods that adoptive parents can use to help surmount the potentially staggering costs of adoption, and taking the time to research the options available in your state or your circumstances can really open the door to adoption that you may have thought was closed. 


Of course, though adoption is expensive, government agencies aren’t trying to stop adoption from occurring! There are a variety of grants available nationwide that can help cut down on adoption costs. These grants can be viewed as similar to college grants, with an application process, and the potential to combine different grants to make adoption affordable. 

Employer Benefits

Your employer may also be able to help you to adopt! Certain employers offer benefits for adoptive families which can reach up to $10,000 per adopted child. Of course, not all companies will offer this, but it is certainly worth investigating. 

Creative Fundraising

Of course, you can raise funds yourself! There are a variety of resources to help get your adoption fund rolling, and momentum can be gained quickly when the community becomes aware of your needs.


If you have the time, temporarily picking up an extra side job can help funds to build up fast. Alternatively, if you have a skill or talent, creating a small side business can be a great earner, such as selling handmade items, or skills such a photography or tutoring. 

Time & Perseverance

Whatever fundraising option you choose, with a little determination and hard work, you’ll be surprised with what you can achieve, and hopefully, with a little luck thrown in there too, debt-free domestic or international adoption may be right around the corner!

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