8 Adoption Blogs for Birthmothers

Birthfamily Blogs Blogs for birthmothers have valuable information for women who are considering adoption as the best situation for their child. Women who elect to talk about their adoption experience are extremely important to creating open conversations about the reasons that women make this choice. There are so many individual motivations for adoption, and these blogs really are a service to other birthmoms and their adoptive families.   We’ve listed some great blogging communities for birthmothers to find other women who can relate to their adoption stories. 
1. A Birthmother Voice 
This birthmother blog is written by Kelsey Stewart. She is the author of the book, The Best for You, which is a children’s book explaining why mothers choose to place their child up for adoption. She has five children, three of which she placed for adoption. 
2. Birthmothers 4 Adoption 
This is a blog created by birthmothers where you can find adoption stories, articles specifically tailored to birthmothers.
3. The Happiest Sad 
This is a blog from a birthmother named Jill. She placed her baby girl for an adoption in 2009 and since then she has been an inspiration to other birthmoms. This blog is her attempt to make sense of things.
4. Born to Be in Your Arms 
A birthmother starts this blog by saying that adoption is all about love. She shares her own experiences regarding open adoption.
5. Blessing in Disguise 
A birthmom named Elizabeth has been documenting her journey since 2010. She writes about her life after choosing to place her baby girl up for an adoption. She hopes that her blog may help others who are going through what she went through. As she writes about her adoptive family, she says that “we didn’t give our child to you, we gave you to our child.”
6. When a Heart Grows 
A 26-year-old birthmother shares her story about placing her son in an open adoption when she was 21. Her story is full of bravery, hope, love, and loss. She shares her experience and all of the things that came with it in hopes to connect and give strength to others.
7. Where Do I Begin? 
Rebekah’s blog highlights all the good and the bad parts of being a single mom and also a birthmom.
8. Betty Anne Davidson
This is a birthmother’s story about learning to blog, about adoption, being a new mom, and about life.

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